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Isaac at 13+ Months

DSC04396I don’t know if it is because we’ve gotten a lot more experienced, or it really is that #3 is much easier to manage. He’s a lot more sociable than his elder siblings, the most ready to want to be cuddled by his grandfather (much to the latter’s delight). He doesn’t fuss a lot, easy to feed, and doesn’t leave drool all over the place.

Isaac, the #3, makes it easy for me to bring out all three kids on my own. Even if we go to dinner, and I have got to feed him, he’s actually quite cooperative. Sometimes he might be a little restless, but it is not difficult to distract him and keep him occupied on something. So I can become “free” to attend to other things.

We don’t use the stroller with Isaac. Previously with Vanessa and Ian, when Ian still couldn’t walk on his own, it was always a decision to be made whether to bring a stroller along or not. If we don’t bring, we would have to carry Ian all the time, which could get tiring. If we do bring, then when Ian refuses to sit in the stroller, than there would be an extra thing to lug around, or perhaps the two kids would fight over wanting to sit on the stroller.

For Isaac, he doesn’t seem to want to sit in the stroller at all. So there’s nothing to decide. The stroller is not needed. It’s easier to move around, like to take the escalators or climb the stairs. But, of course, it also means Isaac has to be carried around all the time, unless we could set him down somewhere. I would prefer the easier mobility, so this arrangement works out alright for me.

I’ve been taking Isaac to music classes on and off lately. He’s quite an independent person in class, frequently crawling away to play with other kid’s things, or trying to catch the attention of other adults. He seems to be particularly drawn to the garden outside the class. There’re some glass doors opening out to the garden, and Isaac keeps wandering off to look at the garden. I’m not sure if it is the garden that he likes, or the other (older) kids’ activities in the garden that is drawing his attention.


We recently brought Isaac to the S.E.A. Aquarium. One of the side shows was this Typhoon Theatre, which is a 4-D experiential show something like Shrek 4-D. There’s loud noises, the floor moves, and water gets squirted around a little. Ian had freaked out in the past and cried non-stop. Isaac was brave. He was a little bothered after a while, but he pulled through quite alright.

The next milestone will be for Isaac to walk. He can take a few steps right now, but as with most babies when they just start to take their first steps, he much prefers crawling since he gets around much faster that way. Once that happens, it will be super easy (I hope) to take all three kids out. Everyone can walk on their own. No carrying needed.

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