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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

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The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear is almost identical to last year’s Momentum headphone. The latter has proven to be very popular, so there’s great expectations for the new Momentum On-Ear. It is basically a smaller on-ear sibling, with some changes in materials, and a refreshing dash of colour. Sennheiser has managed to create a combination of great looks, great performance, and at just about the right price point with the Momentum On-Ear.

The review set just came in, and I got to work right away unboxing it and trying it out. First, let’s talk about packaging. The Momentum On-Ear comes in a pretty ordinary box. It’s a good box, just that there’s nothing really outstanding there. Of course, it’s not the box that counts, but what’s contained in the box that matters.

To that end, I’m glad to see that the inside is good. A nice black Sennheiser case sits inside the sponge filled box, and everything else is contained inside the case. The headphones receive an extra bit of protection in the form of a soft fabric bag.


The Momentum On-Ear exudes a feeling of premium quality. It should, because it is made of premium quality of materials after all. The head band is made of brushed stainless steel. The ear pads and head band are finished off with Alcantara.

A dash of colour makes the Momentum On-Ear stand out with style. The headphones are available in four colours: blue, pink, green and ivory. The review set here is blue. The pink version is pictured below. It does look a lot more red than pink to me.


Sennheiser says the colours were selected by an international team of designers and trend scouts, who decided that these would satisfy just about anyone’s taste. I do find that all four colours were pretty pleasant, and would be happy to go with any of them.

The Momentum On-Ear has iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible microphone and remote controls, useful if you plan to use it with your phone. The headphone cable comes down from the left ear cup, and the microphone/remote controls fall just below the mouth level.

The Alcantara material interesting. It’s a luxury material characterised by suppleness, durability and breathable comfort. The material does feel quite comfortable on my ears. Comparatively, Alcantara could be a little more difficult to clean off than leather.

Next, let’s talk about comfort. I’ll first admit that I’m no fan of over-the-ear or on-ear headphones. This is very much a matter of personal preference. While trying to be as objective as I can, I still feel that the Momentum On-Ear grips my head too tightly.


The Alcantara material on the ear pad does feel pretty nice on the ears. I would say it’s nicer than having leather. But wearing the Momentum On-Ear for half hour or more proves to be another matter. My ears warmed up, too much.

The headset is really easy to adjust. The ear cups slide smoothly along the metal head band. They hold their position well, even with significant head movement.


For a headphone in its price category, the Momentum On-Ear doesn’t disappoint in the sound quality department. It is easy to fall into love with its sound signature. Sennheiser, after all, is renowned for producing excellent quality audio products.

The Momentum On-Ear has a prominently distinct and impactful bass. Not overpowering, but a good tight bass that should appeal to bass heads. The highs are delicate with good detail and clarity. I did find the Momentum On-Ear to be a little subdued in the mid-range, lacking in body and fullness. Soundstage is reasonably good, about what you’d expect from a closed-back can.

DSC08585 2


The Momentum On-Ear will sell for S$299. It has a great combination of great looks, great performance, and great value at this price point.


  • Overall great sound for a headphone at this price point
  • Premium quality materials
  • Modern, urban look
  • Choice of colours to reflect personal style


  • Head band grips tightly
  • Sound lacks a little in the mid-range

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