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Sennheiser Launches Momentum On-Ear

DSC08519Sennheiser has followed up on their successful Momentum line of headphones last year with a new line of Momentum On-Ear headphones. Just launched Thursday last week, the Momentum On-Ear is, you guessed it, the smaller on-ear version of the previous over-the-ear Momentum.

The new Momentum On-Ear headphones are available in four shades of refreshing colours: blue, green, pink and ivory. The colours were selected by an international team of designers and trend scouts, who decided that these would satisfy just about anyone’s taste. It adds style to usual dull colours of headphones, and will certainly appeal to trendsetters.

While the colours allow individuals to express their personal style, the Momentum On-Ear continues to exude luxury with the use of the finest materials. The headband is made with brushed stainless steel. Alcantara, a luxury material valued by fashion and interior designers that offer a unique combination of suppleness, durability and breathable comfort, replaces leather to clad the ear pads and headband.


I had the opportunity to try out the Momentum On-Ear at the launch event. Now, I much prefer in-ear monitors to any sort of on-ear or over-the-ear headphones. It’s a matter of personal preference, and people don’t switch styles easily. Having said that, my first impressions of the Momentum On-Ear is that it is relatively comfortable, mainly because it is light and it doesn’t grip the head or ears too tightly.

The Alcantara material feels great. It might even be better than leather, though granted, leather would be easier to clean off than Alcantara.

My brief encounter with the Momentum On-Ear says that it is a worthy addition to the Sennheiser family. If you’ve tried and loved the Momentum, or you love Sennheiser’s sound signature, it’s likely you’ll enjoy the Momentum On-Ear too. I’ll reserve further comment on performance (and comfort) until I’ve had time to work with a review set.

The Momentum On-Ear will sell for S$299, and will be available at Sennheiser authorised dealers, or the Sennheiser Concept Store at Marina Square.

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