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Age Discrimination At This Restaurant?

Our government is trying to encourage businesses to employ senior citizens. Not so much as to prefer senior citizens, but so long as they are suitably qualified for the job, age should not be seen as a discriminating factor. Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, country of origin and age is a big thing (a big “no no”, that is) in some countries. But some of the businesses in Singapore are still a bit blatant about the discrimination in their “wanted ads”.

Here is a restaurant wanting to employ part-timers. Fair enough to list “cheerful” and “keen to work” as requirements. But “young”?

What is wrong with a middle aged or senior person, as long as they are suitably qualified for the job, working in a restaurant?

I’m curious, too, what is the definition of “young”? (Haha, as I grow older, I tend to think the age range for “young” stretches longer and longer…)

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