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Cheap Lego Toys from Amazon

_DSC0386Looking for cheap Lego toys? Well, some selected Lego building sets are surprisingly cheap from Amazon. They also ship directly to Singapore, saving you the hassle of having to work with a freight forwarder. Furthermore, if you order enough, at least US$125 worth, you can get AmazonGlobal Saver shipping, which means shipping to Singapore is completely free!

I posted recently about some toys I got, one of them being the Emerald Express pictured here. Below, I’ve listed out several more of the Lego building sets, all of them costing less than US$7 (approximately S$9) each. They’ll probably make great birthday and Christmas presents for kids. Great for the parents too, since they don’t have to spend a fortune on them.

LEGO City 60011 Surfer Rescue Toy Building Set – US$4.59

LEGO Creator 31014 Power Digger – US$4.95

LEGO Creator 31015 Emerald Express – US$4.95

LEGO Creator 31013 Red Thunder – US$4.97

LEGO City Motorcycle 60000 – US$5.99

LEGO City Police 60041 Crook Pursuit – US$6.95

LEGO City Police ATV 60006 – US$6.97

LEGO Friends Water Scooter Fun 41000 – US$6.97

AmazonGlobal Saver does take about 2 – 3 weeks to deliver. It’s only August now, though, so if this is for Christmas, you’ve still got plenty of time!

Don’t forget you need US$125 minimum of qualifying orders for AmazonGlobal Saver. I’d reckon you can just buy multiple of the sets, or pool with someone else, to meet the minimum order requirement.

Happy shopping!

Disclosure: I participate in the Amazon Affiliates programme. Please read my Affiliate Disclosure information.

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