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Reviving the Apple Magic Mouse


My Apple Magic Mouse stopped working this week. It was totally dead, even with a fresh set of known good batteries. I was sorely disappointed, for two important reasons. First, the Magic Mouse was a really great mouse, and I loved using it tremendously. Secondly, this is an Apple product, how could it break down so easily for no rhyme nor reason?

A quick Google search found many community forum members sharing issues and tips on fixing connectivity problems. This isn’t quite the problem I’m having. My Magic Mouse is not connecting because it appears to be totally dead. Unlikely as it may be, but yes, it’s just totally dead.

There were some suggestions to clean the battery contacts in the mouse itself. Okay, my battery contacts look very clean. They still seem to be in perfect condition. Bright and shiny, not even a hint of oxidation, let alone corroded. But never mind, I’ll just try cleaning it anyway. Nope, that didn’t work. I’ve already tried changing batteries, and verified that they are all in good working order.

In between troubleshooting this problem, I was checking out warranty on the Magic Mouse. It seems accessories like these are warranted for one year. I don’t remember when I bought this mouse, which I’m pretty sure it was from the Apple Online Store. A quick search of my past orders, up to 18 months ago, which is the farthest back that the website would let me check, found no orders for Magic Mouse. Alright, so my mice (I have two of them) are both over 18 months old.

I might have to buy a new mouse. I didn’t fancy shelling out more money for a Magic Mouse that, in my opinion, shouldn’t break so quickly. I’ll try cleaning the battery contacts again. This time with a q-tip.

Wow, the Magic Mouse came back to life. For maybe a dozen or so seconds. After giggling it a bit here and there, it worked again, but for another dozen or so seconds. Okay, maybe it just needs a whole lot more cleaning. Despite the contacts looking to be in perfect condition, I carefully cleaned them thoroughly with a bit of screen cleaner solution, and then with just plain water.

This time, the Magic Mouse came back to life, and it’s still running okay after a day. I’m closing this issue as “fixed”. I’m just surprised that the battery contacts, which seemingly looked to be in perfect condition, needed cleaning.

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