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Mobile-Unfriendly Websites To Get Penalised

Retina MacBook Pro on work deskStarting today, websites that are not optimised for viewing on mobile devices will be penalised in Google’s search results. Google’s blog post earlier this year warned that mobile searches in all languages will be significantly impacted by this change. If you’ve not gotten your website optimised for smartphones and tablets, it’s time to get cracking.

This change affects searches from mobile devices. It makes sense that if a search began from a mobile device, search results should prioritise websites that are easy to read and navigate from a mobile devices.

But more importantly, this move is also a timely reminder for all website owners that people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the Internet. It is prudent, therefore, that they design their websites to be usable on mobile devices, where screen sizes are typically more limited than their desktop counterparts.

Google has provided a Mobile-Friendly Test tool for website designers or developers to test their websites. The tool also provides suggestions on that can be improved. The common suggestions revolve around designing page layout to fit on the screen, avoiding text sizes that are too small, and clickable elements that are too small or too close together.

This website, https://zitseng.com/, passes Google’s test as being mobile-friendly. Many websites, however, aren’t quite ready, according to Google’s test. It’s not difficult to find them.

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