Dinner at Oscar’s

After our excursion to Comex, we headed over to Conrad for dinner at Oscar’s. We were feeling slightly obliged to dine at Conrad after having exploited their valet car parking services. You know how it is like when Comex is around, practically every car park in the Marina area is full.

We were thinking of two options: Oscar’s or Golden Peony. They are both excellent restaurants. It was still early. So we thought we’ll just settle for some simple ala carte from Oscar’s. We sat down at Oscar’s, flipping through the menu. We ordered drinks. Then, we succumbed to the temptation of Oscar’s buffet.

The buffet at Oscar’s is really quite nice. They have buffet for lunch and dinner, and both feature a wide selection of Asian and international cuisine. The salmon sashimi is wonderful, and so are desserts like the waffles with ice cream. Usually the oysters are nice, but this time they were slightly too salty for my liking. Then there’s the lovely cheese platter. There was also a herb-infused seared salmon. It was surprisingly good, particularly because I usually dislike cooked salmon.

I’m sure the ala carte is just as nice, though I don’t remember ordering from ala carte before. I usually prefer buffets because I like to eat a little of everything.

I had to whack (i.e. gorge) the buffet this time. The reason? My last dinner buffet at Oscar’s was kind of wasted. I fell ill with gastric flu. If you’re wondering… I didn’t feel so sick before dinner, hence I went ahead with the buffet at Oscar’s. But after downing only a few oysters, nauseousness overtook me.

This time around, Vanessa was around to help make our money’s worth! Haha. Babies dine for free. Yeah, we should bring Vanessa out for buffets more often. I’m sure she was thoroughly enjoying herself too, because she loves to eat everything.

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