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Domino’s Pizza’s Punctuality

Domino's Pizza voucherOver a year ago, I self-imposed a ban on Domino’s Pizza. It wasn’t about their pizza, or the price. It was a problem with their punctuality and the service processes behind the scenes. They had ruined a Christmas party. I was extremely upset. After one year, I thought I’d give them a try again. Have things improved at Domino’s?

From having been a regular customer, and then stopping completely for about a year, I was a little apprehensive. It’s as if I’m a brand new customer. I was¬†having a party, and although we already had all the food and drinks, we thought the amount might be just barely enough, so it would be good to add-on a couple more pizzas. I would give Domino’s a chance. It was not critical. Their being late would be inconvenient, but not disastrous.

I placed my Domino’s order, online, like I had always done over a year ago. The pizzas arrived, just two or three minutes late, like they had usually been over a year ago. I’m not at all unreasonable. Two to three minutes late is just fine. That they offer a free pizza voucher will surely appease a customer like me. Yup, as long as it’s not more than five minutes late.

With a little confidence restored, I recently ordered from Domino’s Pizza again. Another party, but this time pizzas were the main course. About half hour from my order, which is the time the pizzas ought to have arrived, the store manager called me to enquire if my pizzas had arrived. Nope, they hadn’t. I was puzzled. Couldn’t he just call his delivery fellow?

Alas, I was hoping to restore my confidence with Domino’s Pizza, but this time around, they failed badly again. The pizzas came over 30 minutes late, or over one hour after I placed my order. Nothing special about the day. It wasn’t a public holiday, or the eve of a public holiday. Just an ordinary day, but they messed up keeping to their 30 minute delivery promise.

I’m beginning to wonder about the folks running Domino’s Pizza. Do they really care at all about punctuality? They make it a big selling point, but it seems to me that they are routinely failing. I do like their pizzas, the price is reasonable, and the 30 minute delivery promise would have been really nice if they could do it, but nonetheless still alright if they were just a little bit late. Unfortunately, severe lateness is intolerable.

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