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Targus Seoul Backpack Review

After my last review of the Targus Grid Advanced Backpack, I thought I’ll write about a Targus bag that I actually use on a daily basis. It’s the Targus 15.6″ Seoul Backpack, which I think is a nice good-looking bag. It’s not built for rough handling like the Grid Advanced Backpack, but it fits my use better.

Targus Seoul Backpack

The Seoul Backpack is a modern, trendy rucksack-style backpack with a unique 6-shape aluminium buckle on the front. It doesn’t have the conventional notebook backpack look to it, and instead looks more like a casual backpack.

The backpack is mostly made out of lightweight soft-touch nylon dobby material that is also lightly reflective. A water resistant coating should help keep the contents safe from light rain.

Targus Seoul Backpack

The main compartment is large. Thanks to a boxy shape when fully filled out, the backpack can easily accommodate large items, such as large books and files. The aforesaid 6-shape buckle is used to tighten the zippered top-flap so that the boxy shape can be flattened out when needed.

Targus Seoul Backpack

The notebook pocket within the main compartment can accommodate notebooks with screen sizes up to 15.6 inches. There’s also a separate pocket for a tablet. A velcro fastener strap keeps the notebook and tablet safely in place. I would have preferred a more secure velcro flap, but the strap is certainly functional unless, like in my case, I keep small items in the tablet pocket.

Targus Seoul Backpack

The front compartment has two pockets for smaller items, and two pen sleeves. The two pockets can be used contain cards or a wireless mouse for your notebook.

There are two easily accessible side pockets for items such as water bottles and umbrellas, and another zippered pocket on the top-flap.

Targus Seoul Backpack

On the back panel, you’ll find a zippered security pocket that’s  useful for keeping important items. The back panel also incorporates an open sleeve for a trolley bag to fit through. For comfortable carrying, the back panel and shoulder straps are covered with ventilated mesh padding.

Other features include a PU leather wrapped handle on the top flap for convenient hand-carry, adjustable shoulder straps that can be tucked into the open sleeve at the back, PU leather base for added strength, and fabric zippers for a soft touch. Another handle on the front compartment allows you to carry the backpack like an athletic bag.

Targus Seoul Backpack

Overall, the Targus Seoul Backpack feels and looks modern, with clean and streamlined design. I like it that the backpack doesn’t have that serious business look to it, yet at the same time it is versatile enough for fun, travel and work. You need to be mindful that this backpack is not hardened for rough handling though.

The Targus Seoul Backpack comes in Black, Khaki, Orange. I have the black one pictured in this post.

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    1. Don’t know about the kgs/litres, but the specs give the fully expanded exterior dimensions as 29.2 x 19.0 x 47.0 cm. Hope this is helpful!

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