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Moneual MR6700M Robot Cleaner

Tired of vacuuming and mopping your home? Many homeowners are getting themselves some sort of automatic robotic cleaning system. I don’t believe much in the effectiveness of these cleaners, but we nevertheless found ourselves getting the Moneual Robot Cleaner model MR6700M-M3WR, a Korean robot cleaner that both vacuums and mops.

Moneual Robot Cleaner

When we speak of these robotic cleaners, the Roomba brand often comes to mind. These days, however, there are many competitive products to suit every budget, and they usually work quite well too. Cheaper robotic cleaners may lack some high-end intelligent features, but they should all get basic cleaning done.

Effective cleaning or not, at the right price, you can’t complain about a gadget that automatically makes your home cleaner with no effort on your part. Set the robotic cleaner on its chore before you leave home, and return later to find the floors cleaner. It can’t be a bad thing, particularly when you have kids perpetually dropping food crumbs, eraser dust, or something or other, on the floor.

This MR6700M robot cleaner does all the typical things you’d expect from such a gadget. It comes with a charging base to which it’ll dock with automatically when it’s done with its cleaning chores. It’s 1,400 mAh battery is good for 60 minutes of vacuuming, or 100 minutes of mopping.

Moneual Robot Cleaner

For vacuuming, the MR6700M has a 0.6 l dust bin. When vacuuming, the side brushes of the unit sweep dust under the main brush to be sucked into the dust bin. Suction is produced by a brushless DC motor that is said to last 50,000 hours, or around 13 years and 9 months of use, 10 times longer than normal DC motors.

The dust bin is easy to empty, and the dust filter can be washed easily. There’re no consumable items like dust bags.

Moneual Robot Cleaner

The MR6700M can mop too, and it has a mopping attachment that carries 150 cc of water. The mop attachment has quite a large area, and its underside is covered with 460 cm2 of special fibre material that promises to properly catch on to dust.

Moneual Robot Cleaner

You can have the MR6700M operate in vacuum-only mode, mop-only mode, or hybrid vacuum and mop mode.

There are also a couple of cleaning path algorithms. In normal mode, the MR6700M moves in typically straight lines and changes direction upon detecting an obstruction. In shadow mode, the MR6700M uses its light sensor to try to stay in shadows, which can get the unit to focus on cleaning, say, under a bed. There is a focus clean mode where the MR6700M cleans around a predefined spot, instead of exploring all possible areas that it can get to. The included remote control also lets you manually direct the MR6700M’s movement.

The MR6700M detects “cliffs”, such as the edge of a stairs, and avoids it. It can also detect lifts, and wheel overloading. You can set the MR6700M to cross small thresholds up to 1 cm high. There’s a turbo suction power option, and there’s also a double cleaning option.

We put the MR6700M to use right away, and the gadget just works without any fuss. I was pleasantly pleased to really feel the difference of the cleaned floor. Fixing up the mopping attachment was also straightforward, and I can feel the dampness, but not wet, of the floor trailing behind the MR6700M.

Moneual Robot Cleaner

The MR6700M is pretty clever in its movement. It travels faster when its path ahead is clear, but slows down as it approaches an obstruction. It changes direction immediately when it bumps into an obstruction, or when it detects a cliff. This, however, isn’t a high-end model that maps out and memorises its environment layout. I found it quite hilarious watching the MR6700M bumping around trying to return to its docking base.

In the box, the MR6700M comes with:

  • Charger (docking base)
  • Adapter
  • Adapter cord
  • Remote control and batteries
  • 2x Mopping attachments
  • Dust filter
  • Side brush set (2 pcs)
  • Brush
  • Silicon brush
  • Instruction manual

In other markets, the MR6700M is known as the Moneual Rydis H67.

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