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OP/TECH Wrist Strap

If I had to use a neck strap with my camera, I would often wind it around my wrist. I dislike having the strap on my neck, because of the weight, and also the wrap often gets in my way. A wrist strap, like this one from OP/TECH, seems to be the most convenient solution for me.

OP/TECH Wrist Strap Wrist Strap

The OP/TECH Wrist Strap is made of neoprene, and it comes in two parts. The first one attaches to the camera with a braided cord on one end, and a sturdy plastic clip on the other. The other part is the actual neoprene wrist strap, which attaches to the first part with the buckle-clip.

The clip and buckle mechanism makes it quick and easy to release the camera from the wrist strap, leaving just that short part attached. I had hoped that this would enable me to quickly detach the wrist wrap and reattach to another strap, the OP/TECH Utility Strap (which I’ll review separately), but it turns out that while they use the same buckle-clip size, I’d need a gender changer. It’s silly that OP/TECH didn’t have this use-case sorted out correctly.

OP/TECH Wrist Strap

Overall, this wrist strap seems well made. The neoprene may not accord the strap a premium feel, but it’s perfectly functional. The strap is a wide band of neoprene that’s soft, light, and stretchable. I’ve found it to be quite comfortable even with long use.

There’s a plastic sliding strap on the neoprene to tighten the band around smaller wrists.

The OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap (Black) (Amazon affiliate link) sells for US$8.95 on Amazon, with free shipping to Singapore on qualifying orders over US$125.

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