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Huawei Case for Nexus 6P

In Singapore, Huawei sells the Nexus 6P in a bundle that includes a protective case and a headset. Many of us often don’t think much about these freebies. Free is nice, of course, but we’re often willing to shell out more money for something nice and less ubiquitous. The Huawei bundled protective case, however, is surprisingly adequate, maybe even good.

Huawei Case for Nexus 6P

Although this is described as a jelly case on the Lazada online shopping site, the channel through which the Nexus 6P is sold through in Singapore, the material isn’t actually jelly. I’d describe this material as a rubberised plastic, slightly soft, but not as flexible as TPU.

Huawei Case for Nexus 6P

This is a minimalistic design, with cutouts at all the appropriate cutouts.

Huawei Case for Nexus 6P

The protector wraps around to offer protection on the sides of the Nexus 6P, but leaves the top and bottom a little more exposed. All four corners are fully protected, of course.

Huawei Case for Nexus 6P

On the back, the whole of the Nexus 6P’s visor is pretty much exposed. The protector does left the visor off the surface, so at least on a flat surface, the visor is safe.

Nexus 6P with Huawei Case

On the front, the case similarly rises with a lip over the face of the Nexus 6P, so the display glass is safely lifted off the surface. There’s no danger of the Nexus 6P’s glass getting scratched when you lay it face down on a flat surface.

Overall, I find this Huawei case to be surprisingly functional and good looking. It’s actually good enough that some people might decide against forking out money for a separate protective case. If you still do want to shop around for another better protective case to suit your needs, I’m sure there’s no hurry while you have this free one around.

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