A Lesson in IT Project Management

I wouldn’t say I’m really that much of an expert in IT project management. But I’m not fresh out of school. I’ve been working for enough number of years to have seen many things. So it is really annoying when a bunch of non-IT people want to interfere with my project planning, because they think that I’m doing it wrong,…

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Exchange 2007 for Mac OS X at NUS


When Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was launched last year, one of the things that caught my attention was its support for Exchange 2007. It would have meant better integration for Mac users with a corporate Microsoft Exchange-based calendar and directory service. But alas, when I finally got Snow Leopard installed and tried to get my Mail.app setup, I…

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iPhone 4G for $5000


iPad fever is passing, it’s now back to iPhone 4G. Guess what? The next generation iPhone 4G was “discovered”, then bought by Gizmodo’s parent company , Gawker Media, for $5000. It’s an expensive iPhone, but perhaps not that much considering the “news” value of this unannounced product. The new iPhone 4G looks to have a camera flash, a bigger lens…

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The e-Armed Forces

Photo 26

We’re seeing more of the e-armed forces. BMT recruits, 2600 of them, were issued with notebook computers at the start of their BMT course last December so that they can do “e-learning” at their own time. They are learning about such things as riffle handling, grenade throwing and first-aid. The learning format sounds like what universities do for some courses:…

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New MacBook Pro with 10 hours of Battery Life!


10 hours of battery life is practically good for the entire work day! Apple has just announced updates to the entire family of MacBook Pro notebooks, and the latest 13″ models claim to run for 10 hours on battery. The next best thing is the price. At the Apple Singapore store, the price has dropped across the board, by between…

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Privileged Parking

2010-04-10 14.14.59

Here’s privileged parking for green motorists at this shopping centre on Orchard Road. If you have a hybrid, CNG, or electric ┬ácar, you get to use one of the two green lots next to the lift lobby. It’s even more privileged than the single lot reserved for families with baby strollers. Yeap, the family lot is actually further away. Incentive…

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Can I Suan the iPhone Again?


Steve Jobs just shared with the world what is coming with the latest iPhone OS version 4.0. In a media presentation lasting about 1 hour, a couple of the simply amazing features were demonstrated by Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall. Really amazing features like, ahem, being able to set a wallpaper for your home screen. Yes, for the…

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First Ghost Bike in Singapore


I was on the bus coming down Clementi Road this morning and spotted an interesting sight: An all-white bicycle on the opposite side of the road, with some flowers placed on the ground in front of it. The bicycle is actually painted all white, not that its frame was white. Everything is totally white, the pedals, the chain, even the…

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iPad Launch Day

Today is the Apple iPad launch day. I thought I would write a few words about this much-raved-about product. Personally, I still don’t see why and how this tablet should be so revolutionary. Maybe it is the user experience that makes the difference. Or perhaps it is the magic of Apple’s marketing. All the initial reviews pouring out now are…

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