Tower Transit Bus Services Are Rolling Out

Tower Transit bus service 173

Bus operator Tower Transit has begun operations late last month. They are the first company to be awarded a tendered bus package under the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) new bus contracting model. In a sweeping restructuring of the public bus industry, the authority will own buses and infrastructure, while tendering out operations and service management to bus operators. Tower Transit…

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LTA: Make Yourself Useful


LTA’s launch of their much criticised, and arguably useless, Taxi-Taxi@SG app, reminds me of another gripe I have about an LTA initiative. That of getting information on bus arrival times. It’s part of their MyTransport app. I’m pleased that LTA knows it “feels great to know when the bus will arrive.” Now, if only it will actually work. Reasonably well. Alright, I’m…

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LTA’s Wayang Show


I’ve been somewhat critical of the LTA lately. But I think it’s fair to say that most public transport commuters are quite fed up, and we all rather see some concrete improvements being put into place, rather than hear about LTA collecting data that’s already quite obvious to everyone. Just go take the train or bus at the right place…

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Transport Madness at NUS


I’ve heard many complaints about how the internal shuttle bus service in NUS has become absolute madness since the start of the current academic year. This year saw the opening of University Town, with many classes (apparently unnecessarily) moved across to the new facilities, and transportation facilities that seem to be inadequately planned. I haven’t been to University Town, so…

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Driver’s Nightmare in NUS


I’ve long found driving in NUS to be very frustrating. There are too many reasons. One of my long-time complaints is with the internal shuttle bus services. My chief gripe with them is that they often drive in such a manner to maximize obstruction and inconvenience to other road users. For example, they will often not pull fully into a…

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TransitLink Claim Follow-up


As promised, here’s the follow-up to my previous post on my TransitLink Fare Refund. I’m delighted at the effort it took to process my refund of 65 cents in the form of a cheque sent by post. The accompanying letter was hand-folded, and signed by a real person (i.e. it wasn’t a printed on signature). The cheque was entirely handwritten,…

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TransitLink Fare Refunds


I wasn’t going to write about this (yet), but then, the “NFS Anonymous Access User” decided for me that I should rant a little bit. Yes, that’s the name of the person from TransitLink who sent me an email after I filled out a web form to make my claim. I know what this name is about, because I’m a…

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New Bus Stop Sign Posts

2010-04-12 10.09.13

A few weeks ago, I happened to see a work crew making their rounds installing a bunch of new bus stop sign posts. You’ve probably seen many of these already at various bus stops around the island.  I was just wondering that what additional “features” these new sign posts had that required all the old sign posts to be changed….

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Fine Buses that Refuse to Stop


I have a suggestion to improve the Bus Service Standards formulated by our Public Transport Council: Include a benchmark that measures the number of times a bus is unable to pick up passengers from a bus stop when there are passengers wanting to board. Impose a fine based upon how badly a bus operator fails to meet the minimum standard.

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