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New Bus Stop Sign Posts

A few weeks ago, I happened to see a work crew making their rounds installing a bunch of new bus stop sign posts. You’ve probably seen many of these already at various bus stops around the island.  I was just wondering that what additional “features” these new sign posts had that required all the old sign posts to be changed. They don’t seem like much of a feature or functionality upgrade eh? They are new no doubt, more modern looking than the old sign posts, but well, is it worthwhile changing all the old sign posts?

It’s like how traffic lights are all being changed a while back. Normal light bulbs to LED lights. Or yellow-black painted traffic light posts to plain galvanized silver colour. Sounds very much like an attempt to finish up the FY’s allocated budget.

Hello, LTA. We don’t need new bus stop signs. What we need are busses that come regularly, on-time, to pick up passengers. I’m particularly annoyed to have busses come so packed that they don’t even bother to stop. It happened again with the service 963 not too long ago while I was trying to get home.

Or something simple would be to tell us accurate bus arrival times, regardless of them being SBS Transit or SMRT Busses services. It’s so simple nowadays. Just put an Android phone in each bus, turn on Google Latitude. Done. Well, alright, you probably need to do a little more work than that. But it isn’t all that hard. If you cannot make busses appear on-time (and without being totally packed), then give us accurate information. Giving us accurate reliable information will at least take away some anxiety, help us plan our trips, and probably at least make some of us happier.

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