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TransitLink Fare Refunds

I wasn’t going to write about this (yet), but then, the “NFS Anonymous Access User” decided for me that I should rant a little bit. Yes, that’s the name of the person from TransitLink who sent me an email after I filled out a web form to make my claim. I know what this name is about, because I’m a techie person familiar with network servers, web applications, etc. But just imagine how this would sound to a lay-person? Who in the world is the “NFS Anonymous Access User”?

What makes it worse is that the contents of the email wasn’t even a nice politely worded proper message you’d expect to receive from a “customer service” person. It was simply a dump of the contents entered in the web form. It’s the kind of thing an application developer might do to debug or troubleshoot his/her web application. It’s so unprofessional.

So what is the refund I’m claiming about? The bus I took today… all the card readers, yes all four of them, could not read my EZlink card when I wanted to alight. Not just me, but two other passengers. We went to the bus driver, who insisted the equipment was fine and that all our cards are defective. He refused to do anything, so we had no choice but to alight. That ride cost $1.75 for under 1km of travel.

I’m going to make TransitLink send me a cheque of $1.75 by mail. Why waste my time and energy to go to a TransitLink office to collect the refund eh? Make it cost them. Next thing to do is to find the SMRT feedback form to complain about the unhelpful bus driver. I realize it may not be entirely be his fault. Perhaps it’s SMRT that didn’t tell him how to deal with the situation.

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  1. I travel Bus 851 at bus stop # 10169 to AMK Ave 3 and alight at Bus stop # 54031 and transfer to Bus # 268 to Amk Industrial Tech Place II. Bus 851 have overcharged me $0.04 again and this is not the first time. Last week also overcharged that I file report. Please look into it. My card # 1000 0800 6103 8747.

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