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iPad on the Left, iPad on the Right

I was at a meeting today. Person on my left had an iPad. Person on my right also had an iPad. I wasn’t actually looking out to count the number of iPads. But the numbers are swelling. Going out to lunch, I also see iPads around. Everywhere iPad. I think Singaporeans are really sold on to the iPad idea. Just like the iPhone. Apple is really super successful selling the brand here.

I can’t wait for an Android tablet, namely the Samsung one, to hit the market to see how well Android will fare.

We need some balance. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the name of Samsung’s upcoming Android-based tablet, is set to hit the markets in the US in mid October (at least rumoured to be). It’s getting a bit too much to see iPads everywhere.

It’ll be fun to see if the Galaxy Tab’s 7″ screen or iPad’s 9.7″ screen will prove more usable. Small is more portable, but big is nicer to see. Tough choice for the hardware designers. 7″ and 9.7″ could be a world of difference, making or breaking the usability of the product.

The Galaxy Tab looks nice, almost as nice as the iPad, I must say, but not quite the same yet. Feature-wise, the Galaxy Tab is a winner (unless you count the smaller screen as a disadvantage). But you know how it often is… specifications sometimes looses out to design.

There’s also the issue of the app-experience on Android to consider. After all, the tablet isn’t going to be just a fashion statement… it is going to get used. So there needs to be sufficient quantity of useful, quality, apps.

I’m still a bit uncertain about the practicality of a tablet. Too small to do productive work (I think), but too big to be so portable to bring it with you always (unless you always carry a bag… and most men don’t do that). But I’m beginning to recognize it’s entertainment value while attending a boring slow meeting.

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