Frozen Wonderland in Singapore


Yes, it’s really hot in Singapore. We have three seasons, and they are hot, hotter, and hottest. Where can you find a place in Singapore where everything’s pretty much frozen over? Not the annual fake snow outside Tanglin Mall, but some place where the temperature is really sub-zero Celsius? It’s the 2Degree Ice Art exhibition, located beside the Marina Bay…

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NTUC Fairprice Scan2Go


This is one of the newest supermarket shopping gadgetry. It’s in NTUC Fairprice. No, it’s not yet another self-checkout kiosk. The idea here is that you scan your shopping as you go along, so that when you reach the checkout counter, your shopping is already all scanned, you already know your total amount due, and all you have to do…

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Fuss About HDMI Cables


I see the price of HDMI cables at stores like Harvey Norman and Best Denki, and I can’t take it anymore. Here’s a public service announcement. HDMI cables are cheap, and they are relatively straight-forward. Granted there are no longer any of those $200+ type of HDMI cables (at least I don’t see them anymore), but they are still plenty…

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Hotel F&B Service Fails


I was recently at a somewhat “atas” (i.e. high class) hotel, attending a somewhat “atas” meal. I don’t consider myself the “atas” kind, but then, I happen to know how wrong everything was. It’s not so much that I want to nitpick and whine about this place, but hey, they really are reputed to be of very high standard. So…

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Bye 2013, Hello 2014


It’s new year’s eve today. Many people like to take this time to look back in the year to review the things they’ve done or the events that have taken place. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ll talk about a couple of random things. Firstly, there’s this matter of the sorry state of Linux. It’s 2013. It’s still…

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Customer Service Saga


We are becoming increasingly sophisticated customers, demanding more care and attention from the businesses we patronise. Businesses in this age need to adapt their strategies to better manage their customers. It takes a long time to build up customer trust, but it’s easy to loose all that in an instant. Let me share an update on the customer service saga…

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A Party Ruined by Domino’s

2010-05-16 19.34.45

Merry Christmas! This is one of the times of the year when people are busy with shopping and parties. It’s one of the time of the year when customer service becomes extremely important. It’s a time to see which companies are committed to customer satisfaction, and which others are not. Under pressure from sales volume, time, manpower and other constraints,…

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IT Downtime at Home


Today has been a bad “IT maintenance” day at home. There were a few things I’ve been meaning to do for some time. But knowing there’s always the risk of something going wrong, I’ve been putting it off to a day when I had a little more time. Working in IT, I know this all too well. Simple tasks can…

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Ten Days To Christmas


Ring a ling, hear them ring, soon it will be Christmas Day. It’s ten days to Christmas, and a week later we’ll usher in the new year. It’s the favourite time of the year for many people, at least for those for whom the month of December is pretty much a holiday, or where their year starts to wind down….

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Self-Printed Boarding Passes


On this trip to Bangkok, I checked-in online and printed my own boarding pass. It’s not new. It started over a decade ago. I thought it had gone out of fashion, at least for some airlines, because frankly it was more hassle than regular boarding passes, or mobile boarding passes that have some to replace it. So I was pleasantly…

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