HillV2 Opens


HillV2 just opened its doors two weekends ago, on Saturday 6 September. That is, if just two tenants ready to receive their first customers count. There is Starbucks on the ground level, and Hillview Market Place (Cold Storage) on the second level. These two tenants were enough to draw a small crowd of residents from the neighbourhood. Developed by Far East Organisation,…

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Back to School with Pricey Gadgets

The university semester in Singapore is already underway for a few weeks. But our American counterparts are only just getting started. Looking through all the Back to School write-ups, I’m finding myself rather surprised at the kind of paraphernalia marketeers feel are right up the alley of college (i.e. university) students. I know they could be spending parent’s money, but…

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Sennheiser MM 30G In-Ear Review


Sennheiser introduced the MM 30G in-ear headset at CES this year. It’s targeted at Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, specifically those of Galaxy S2 and upward. There’s little reason, however, why the MM 30G shouldn’t work with other Android smartphones. The MM 30G includes an inline remote with microphone, so you can use it to both control music as well as to take…

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Firefly Blue Laser Lamp


This is the Firefly Blue Laser Lamp, a product that was launched by Parhelion through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It’s basically like a night light, but uses blue laser to throw its light evenly across a surface away from the source. The Kickstarter reward is shipped, and Parhelion is now selling the laser lamp commercially. I backed the project on Kickstarter, and I received the Firefly…

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Cheap Lego Toys from Amazon


Looking for cheap Lego toys? Well, some selected Lego building sets are surprisingly cheap from Amazon. They also ship directly to Singapore, saving you the hassle of having to work with a freight forwarder. Furthermore, if you order enough, at least US$125 worth, you can get AmazonGlobal Saver shipping, which means shipping to Singapore is completely free! I posted recently about…

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A New Work Desk


I’ve had a rather largish work table for many years. Definitely over a decade. Large workspaces are nice, but the problem is that we don’t have much manoeuvring space in the tight corner we’ve designated our study/work area. We needed to downsize this work desk. We finally got around to doing it. This is the Micke system from IKEA. It’s much shallower…

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Lego Toys via AmazonGlobal Saver


These Lego toys cost less than US$5. Purchased from Amazon, with free shipping all the way to Singapore, thanks to AmazonGlobal Saver shipping. It’s really awesome to find such deals. Lego toys, as you know, aren’t cheap in our retail channels. I don’t see such great deals in our local online shops either. AmazonGlobal Saver shipping does require purchase of…

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12 Gadgets for the Tech Traveller

That's our plane, flying JAL on Boeing 767.

For many people, travelling often involves lugging along a sizeable number of gadgets. From cameras to notebooks, chargers to spare memory cards, it seems we sometimes carry more gadgets than the clothes and personal items we pack. Yet, sometimes we still miss something and mid-trip, you wished you had brought that one other thing along. I travel from time to time,…

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Travel With Prepaid Local SIM Better


The June school holidays have already started, and many Singapore families, particularly those with school going children, will find themselves traveling. SingTel took the opportunity last week to post a YouTube video selling their data roaming services, suggesting to users that data roaming is the way to go. Well, guess what, I totally disagree. Roaming is so old age. I’m sure many…

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Osaka Ohsho Singapore


Some months ago, I spied a new restaurant at Bukit Panjang Plaza. It’s Osaka Ohsho, and they have apparently opened their first outlet in Singapore in the beginning of 2013. Osaka Ohsho caught my attention because it looks suspiciously like some place I’ve been to before. Not in Singapore, but some 5000 km away in Tokyo. The colours, and the…

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