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Belkin SurgePlus 4-Way With USB Surge Protector

I have too few power outlets at home, not enough for all the appliances, gadgets and other devices that need electricity to operate. As a result, I’ve got a power bar, or some may call it a power strip, at almost every power outlet in the house. Some are getting old, so when I saw this Belkin 4-way power bar on sale, I bought it to try.

Belkin 4Way Surge with 2.4A 2USB Ports

This is no ordinary 4-way power bar, of course. It’s comes with built-in surge protection, as well as two USB ports with 2.4 A of combined output.

Singapore’s electricity supply is pretty reliable, and with most people living in high-rise buildings where there is ample and proper lightning protection, it isn’t at all common to experience an electrical power surge. But I suppose as the saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry, and this extra bit of surge protection will at least provide added safety for your sensitive electronic gear.

There is a single on-off switch for the entire power bar, and there are two LED indicators, one to let you know if the power output is protected, and the other to warn that the power bar is not grounded. They provide some visual confirmation that everything is operating normally.

Belkin 4Way Surge with 2.4A 2USB PortsI like the added convenience of the built-in USB ports for charging various devices. We have so many USB powered devices these days, and it seems rather messy to have USB chargers all over the house, and worse if they also had to occupy a 3-pin socket.

On sale, this Belkin SurgePlus 4-Way With USB Surge Protector power bar cost S$49. It’s a little pricey, but I suppose considering how much this item would ordinarily have cost, you could still consider this price to be a reasonable bargain.

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