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Chrome Is Most Popular Web Browser

It has taken some time. Google’s web browser, Chrome, original released in September 2008, is now placed number one. According to NetMarketShare (via PCWorld), Google’s Chrome web browser now holds 41.66% of the desktop browser usage. Microsoft’s Internet Explore and their new Edge browser have collectively 41.35% share. It’s taken almost 8 years for Chrome to take the top spot.

NetMarketShare is referenced because, at one point, Microsoft declared this source as the most accurate measure of web browser usage. Google’s Chrome has typically not ranked as high on NetMarketShare, although other usage trackers have put them further ahead.

My own data, based on Google Analytics of my blog website, finds Google Chrome really far ahead of any other browser. Of course, this would simply reflect the profile of the users who read my blog, not necessarily the same as the general web user.

Just for fun, here is the web browser ranking, based on Google Analytics data of my blog website.

Browser Percentage
Chrome 55.89%
Safari 23.74%
Firefox 7.72%
Internet Explorer 5.34%
Safari (in-app) 3.19%
Edge 1.04%
Android Browser 1.02%
Opera 0.72%
Opera Mini 0.66%
UC Browser 0.36%

So over here, at ZitSeng.com, Google’s Chrome web browser alone is more than every other web browser put together.

While looking at other bits of Google Analytics, I noticed that Desktop users account for just a tiny bit under half of all device types visiting my blog website. 49.91% are for desktops, mobile gets 42.90%, and tablets do 7.19%.

Now, there’s a bigger surprise, at least to me. Anyone wants to hazard a guess as to which mobile device is most popular among the visits here?

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