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AD Toyota Sienta In Singapore

The real, legit, Toyota Sientas have already been in Singapore for many years. But for some people, it’s only when the authorised dealer (AD) brings it in that makes the car officially available here. Well, it’s official. It was announced last week, and it’s now out on Borneo Motors’ website.

The Toyota Sienta from Borneo Motors, however, isn’t the same as what you get from parallel importers. The biggest difference is with where the cars come from. While parallel importers are getting the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) models from Japan, Borneo Motors’ Sientas come from Indonesia. Some potential buyers are going to mind the difference.

Not unexpectedly, the specifications of the Indonesian made Sientas aren’t completely identical to the JDM models. The engines, for example, might be very similar, but aren’t the same ones. It’s not clear the exact engine model used in the Borneo Motors’ Sientas, because the engine specifications aren’t the same as the 2NR-FE listed in the Indonesian models. The JDM models (2WD petrol) use the 2NR-FKE engines, whose performance specs also don’t match those of Borneo Motors’. Perhaps there is a new variant made especially for the Borneo Motors.

Indonesian made Sientas have rear air-conditioner blowers, like how it is depicted in Borneo Motors’ brochures and website. However, other details of the interior look different. The air-conditioning controls in front are completely different, unlike those of both the Indonesian-made Sientas  as well as the JDM models.

The gear-shift, which ought to be in the dashboard, are instead found on the floor between the front seats for the Borneo Motors’ Sienta. Borneo Motors describes the transmission as a CVT with 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic mode. From photos, it is different from the JDM transmission. The parking brake, on the Borneo Motors’ Sienta, is also the handbrake sort on the floor between the front seats, unlike the foot-brake in the JDM models.

There’s no mention of the engine idle stop function, also known as Stop & Start, among other names. Borneo Motors does mention Smart Entry and Smart Start for the more expensive Elegance grade offering.

The choices of colours for the Borneo Motors’ Sientas are different too. Gone are all the bold colours offered in the JDM models. It looks like Borneo Motors offers only rather regular colours for their Sientas.

Parallel imported Sientas are infinitely configurable from the factory. The options available are plenty. From Borneo Motors, the configurations are very fixed. So, some of the extras aren’t going to be available from the local authorised dealer. These options include:

  • Toyota Safety Sense C
  • Preceding vehicle starting announcement function
  • Additional SRS curtain shield airbag (for front, second, and third row seats)

Oddly enough, a few things that aren’t even options in the JDM model are missing from the base “standard” model from Borneo Motors. Missing features include Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control, and Hill Start Assist Control. Perhaps this is how the Indonesian made Sientas are configured in the basic grade.

At this time, Borneo Motors’ listed price for the Standard and Elegance grades are $108,888 and $114,888 respectively, or $112,888 and $118,888 respectively with guaranteed COE. Prices at parallel importers are generally lower.

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