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Singapore Has Second Fastest Internet Speed

The latest Speedtest Market Report published today, for Singapore, reveals that we have the second fastest average download speeds for both fixed broadband and mobile networks. The fastest Internet Service Provider (ISP) here in terms download speeds is ViewQwest, and SingTel takes the lead for mobile network operator.

Users in Singapore see an average fixed broadband download speed of 180.61 Mbps and an average mobile download speed of 44.37 Mbps.

It is not clear from Speedtest which country takes the current top spot after they stopped publishing their Net Index Rankings last year. In 2016 when the report was still available, Singapore and Hong Kong took the top and second spots respectively, so I would hazard a guess that Hong Kong has moved up a rank in Speedtest’s data.

Singapore’s main fixed broadband providers ranked by download speed are:

  • Viewqwest
  • MyRepublic
  • M1
  • StarHub
  • SingTel

Mobile network operators ranked by download speeds are:

  • SingTel
  • StarHub
  • M1

It’s interesting to see how SingTel performs well in the mobile broadband market but trails far behind in the fixed broadband market. Speedtest measures fixed broadband speeds by taking the 90th percentile speed of the ISP, which means that the results should reflect the performance achieved by the topmost subscription tier of each ISP. In other words, SingTel’s poor performance cannot be attributed to the offering of slower legacy broadband subscriptions.

If you’re looking to re-contract your home broadband subscription with the fastest ISP, you know where to look now.

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