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Curb by Jokoro

One of the little knick knacks I picked up recently is this wedge-shaped piece of silicon designed to prop up a notebook off the desk. You could either use it so that your notebook’s keyboard would be angled upward a little, or, to provide some space under the notebook to improve cooling with better air-circulation around it.

I don’t know if the operating temperature of my MacBook Pro runs a bit too hot, but it does feel that way to me based on my experiences with other models of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. For both my own comfort, but also in the interest of better battery longevity, it’s good to keep the notebook’s temperature under control.

This wedge-shaped silicon seems to do the job reasonably well. It’s a totally passive piece of gadget, entirely noise-free.

I know I could use an active cooling solution like a notebook stand with built-in fans. I’ve tried those, but I find the noise from the fans too distracting for my liking.

Alternatively, I could settle for makeshift materials like erasers. But unless you find a really long piece, you’d need to use two pieces so that the notebook wouldn’t wobble when you type “intensively” on the keyboard.

The Curb works out to be a simple and elegant solution. Found on Lazada.

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