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Laut Huex Cover for MacBook Pro

If you’ve just bought a nice new shiny MacBook Pro, perhaps you might be looking for some protective case to keep it in perfect condition. There are certainly quite a few you can choose from, including this cool one from Laut. They make a number of other products, including cases for a variety of smartphones.

For this review, Laut sent me the Huex cover for the late-2016 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The cover is made of ultra tough polycarbonate material, that should provide good protection against accidental knocks. The surface has a nice silky rubbery coating that enables you to grip the case very securely, without any worry that it will slip out of your hands.

The material is also rather scratch resistant, so on top of protecting your MacBook Pro, the Huex cover itself is quite durable against damage to itself.

Installation is very simple. There are two parts of it, the top and bottom. You just snap them onto the MacBook Pro. The fit is very exacting.

The material is pretty thin, so the case won’t add much noticeable bulk to the MacBook Pro. Of course, while thin is good aesthetically, and the Huex does look strong and sturdy, I wouldn’t expect it to provide protection from drops like the way, say, the UAG Armour would.

The matt, translucent, black of this Huex cover actually adds to the style of the MacBook Pro. Some covers, as you might have seen, are simply functional. Others are designed to be attractive. This one is about being functional and complementing the MacBook Pro looks.

The Laut Huex cover for the late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro is available from the Laut website at US$34.99. They also have the same Huex cover for other models of Mac notebooks.

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