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Razer Atheris Mouse For Work And Play

If you wanted to get a wireless gaming mouse, the Razer brand easily comes to mind. But what if you also wanted a gaming mouse that you can bring on your travels, and which wouldn’t look too out-of-place at a business meeting? Razer has you covered with their new Atheris ultimate wireless notebook mouse launched in August this year.

The Razer Atheris is a wireless mouse equipped with both Bluetooth LE wireless and Razer’s proprietary wireless Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT). AFT provides industry-leading transmission for the most reliable and stable connection. AFT is enabled through a compact USB dongle that stores away conveniently inside the Atheris mouse.

The ergonomically shaped Razer Atheris has two main left and right buttons on the top, a scroll wheel in the centre, and two more buttons on the left side. The extra side buttons being only on the left side does make the Razer Atheris slightly less ambidextrous compared with, say, the Razer Lancehead.

There’s one more button below the scroll wheel. It’s a DPI shift button that adjusts between 5 user-configurable DPI settings which range from 200 to 7,200 DPI.

Being designed for mobile use, the Razer Atheris is compact-sized. It’s about three-quarters of the size of a full desktop mouse, so while it’s not so tiny that will cramp up your fingers, you also won’t be able to use it with a palm-style grip.

There are coloured LED lights or flashy design, so the Razer Atheris looks serious enough that won’t raise eyebrows if you bring it into a board meeting.

The Razer Atheris is powered by two AA batteries which are hidden in a compartment under the buttons. The mouse has battery life rated for an awesome 350 hours of gameplay. The mouse doesn’t run on one battery alone though, unlike some others.

The power switch is under the Razer Atheris, and depending on which direction you side it, you’ll select either Bluetooth LE mode or Razer’s proprietary AFT mode.

The optical sensor in the centre is good for up to 7,200 DPI of accuracy, which as mentioned before can be adjusted on the fly with the DPI button below the scroll wheel.

You don’t need extra software to use the Razer Atheris, but you do get extra features with the Razer Synapse software. First of all, you can configure those 5 user-configurable DPI settings when you ress the DPI button below the scroll wheel.

You can also configure the polling rate of the optical sensor. With Bluetooth LE, the Razer Atheris has a fixed 250 Hz polling rate. But when you use the Razer proprietary AFT mode, you can 500 Hz and 1000 Hz rate. Of course, at 1000 Hz, or 1 millisecond, battery life will certainly suffer.

Included in the box, the Razer Atheris comes with two AA batteries so you can use it right away.

The Razer Atheris retails for S$84.90 from the Razer online store.

There’s a really cool deal coming up on 11 Nov 2017 though. If you’re looking to get this mouse, watch out for Lazada’s Online Revolution 2017, where Lazada X Razer surprise boxes will be available. This Razer Atheris mouse is one of the items in this surprise box, which Lazada will sell at just S$29. Even if all you want is the Razer Atheris mouse, the Lazada X Razer surprise box is already a fantastic deal. But it gets better, because there is one other surprise item in the box, so the S$29 deal is a really, very good deal not to be missed.

Your shopping on Lazada may help earn me affiliate commissions.

Mark your calendar for 11 Nov 2017. The Lazada X Razer deal happens at 8pm.


For Razer fans and gamers, the Razer Atheris wireless mouse is good for travel and can do double duty at business meetings too.


  • Supports both Bluetooth LE and Razer proprietary wireless
  • Internal storage compartment for Razer proprietary wireless dongle
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable use


  • No single battery operation mode
  • No wired backup

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