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FWD Insurance Celebrates 2 Years

Our Prime Minister tried to give us a few tips on coping with the rising cost of living at this year’s National Day Rally. I think we are quite capable of figuring that out ourselves. Like for insurance, for example, FWD brings us great deals.

I just wanted to do a quick mention on FWD because they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Singapore. Yup, that means I’m just a happy customer, not sponsored by FWD, nor did they ask to be mentioned.

FWD is a market disruptor in some ways, like how Grab and Uber changed private-hire and how we take cabs. They didn’t quite change the way insurance work per se, but how insurance was being sold, and also how claims are managed

To date, I’ve bought several FWD insurance products, most frequently travel insurance, and most recently, car insurance. Buying insurance with FWD has always been very simple and straightforward.

Travel insurance is typically a simple matter with most insurers, but it’s quite a whole different thing with other products, even something that ought to be not that complex, like car insurance. FWD makes the entire buying process a breeze. They ask the minimum of questions, and you get the quote instantly, right there in the browser. If you like the quote, just proceed to pay, online, and you’re done.

Some other car insurers give you an online form to complete, but you get your quotation by email thereafter. Others, like my previous car insurer, does it only by phone (or by post).

For FWD, everything is online. They don’t even mail you the hard copy policy. You just get it online. I have not had the need to make a claim, and I hope I don’t have to, but I understand you can file claims via WhatsApp. This is totally the new-age of conducting business online, the way that the new generation of always-connected people like it.

FWD presently sells the following types of insurance products: car, travel, maid, home, international health, term life, commercial car, motorcycle, personal accident, and endowment. Prices are very competitive, at least for all the types I’ve bought. My previous car insurer, a relatively budget-friendly kind, still costs more, with lesser coverage, than what FWD offers.

If you’ve not tried FWD, you should give them some serious consideration in your next insurance purchase. You can check them out (https://www.fwd.com.sg/) from your smartphone, and you can even complete the purchase on your smartphone. That’s how easy it is.

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