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Dell S2719DM Monitor Review

Dell’s new S2719DM monitor joins the company’s lineup of many great monitors. The Ultrathin S2719DM, however, isn’t just another fine monitor. It manages to stand out from the crowd with its slim and elegant design. In fact, with small bezels, thin edges and curved back, the S2719DM somewhat resembles an Apple iMac display.

The thin edges of the S2719DM monitor tapers down to just 5.5 mm, and the maximum 29 mm thickness of the curved back isn’t all that much. This is a svelte looking monitor. It also features Dell’s trademark InfinityEdge bezel,  which measure 6 mm on the top and sides, and 8 mm on the bottom.

The S2719DM monitor not only looks good in its design, but also in its display performance. Its 27-inch IPS panel is LED backlit with 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz QHD resolution. With HDR support, the S2719DM reaches up to 600 cd/m² peak brightness, with typical brightness at 400 cd/m². This monitor can get very bright. Contrast ratio is typically 1,000:1, but can dynamically go up to 8,000,000:1!

Dell claims 85% DCI-P3 performance. My own tests find 70% NTSC coverage and 75% AdobeRGB coverage. Unfortunately, this means the S2719DM is at best above average, not in performance-leading territory. For the average consumer, I should say the Dell S2719DM’s display is good.

I’m not fond of glossy screens, so I’m happy to see a matte finish display on the S2719DM. Although matt finishes often seem to affect image sharpness, I do find the S2719DM’s display to be detailed and crisp. Movies are very enjoyable on this monitor.

The S2719DM supports only two HDMI ports. I  had hoped for more ports. There is a headphone jack on the back, next to the HDMI ports. Given the location of the headphone jack, it’s probably best used for desktop speakers, since accessing it to plugin your headphones may be somewhat inconvenient.

Power is supplied with an external power brick. The DC cord to the monitor has a nice LED ring around the connector, which I find rather superfluous since in normal operation no one is going to be able to see that LED.

That iMac-esque design is limited to the S2719DM’s main chassis. The stand is different. Like on the iMac, this stand supports tilt only, 5° forward and 21° back. I don’t mind the lack of pan, but I would really love to have vertical height adjustment.

Buttons on the S2719DM are located under the bottom edge on the right. The four-button cluster, or five in you include the slightly larger power button, is easy to find. You’ll get the usual, straight-forward Dell menu controls.

The beautiful Dell S2719DM monitor retails at S$689.


The Dell S2719DM is a beautiful QHD monitor that looks good not just in design, but also in display performance.


  • Slim, svelte design
  • Sharp, crisp, QHD resolution
  • Very bright
  • Great contrast, HDR support


  • Only 2 HDMI inputs
  • No vertical adjustment

2 thoughts on “Dell S2719DM Monitor Review

  1. Hello Mr. Zit Seng,
    Happy New Year. Thanks for your review of Dell s2719dm monitor; however, I have found something interesting.

    The s2719dm, although rated at 1440 p, can display in 2160p x 3840 at 60 Hz according to Windows menu when I click on “list all display modes.” (I’m not trying to overclock. Another listed option is 1440 p at 75 Hz.) I have read online that others have also said the monitor can display in 2160p. (Tom’s Hardware also perhaps seems to imply something similar?)
    Anyway why doesn’t Dell call this monitor 2160p or 4k?

    What, if anything, is missing that prevents Dell from calling the monitor 2160p or 4k?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Actually I have since been told that a 1440p monitor showing 2160p as a setting probably means chroma sub sampling ie that the image is not truly 2160p. Also, older video cards do not support 2160p.

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