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HyperJuice 100W GaN USB-C Charger

Many of us always find ourselves in need of chargers. It’s a good thing that nowadays most tech gadgets get power from USB. This has given rise to many multi-port USB chargers, especially ones with USB Type-C Power Delivery, like this 4-port 100 Watt charger from HyperJuice.

HYPER, by Sanho Corporation, isn’t new to the the crowdfunding scene. This 100W GaN USB-C Charger is the latest project they’ve delivered. This HyperJuice funding on Kickstarter ran from 11 Nov 2019 to 10 Dec 2019, and raised US $2,200,642. My HyperJuice charger was delivered in February 2020.

The HyperJuice charger has a total of four ports, 2x USB Type-C with Power Delivery, and 2x USB Type-A, delivering a total of 100 Watts of power. It’s also reasonably compact, with a form factor similar to that of a credit card. Of course, there’s the third dimension of the charger, the thickness, that makes up the bulk.

Of course, at 85.3 x 60.8 x 28. 9mm, this HyperJuice charger is not at all clunky. It may not be as compact as the svelte as the Innergie PowerGear 60C, but the HyperJuice delivers more power and has more ports. For travelling, I do find the singe port on the Innergie PowerGear 60C a bit limiting. HyperJuice provides two USB Type-C ports with Power Delivery, so I can charge two big gadgets at the same time, such as two notebooks.

Not surprisingly, HyperJuice uses Gallium Nitride semiconductor material which is getting popular in higher-end chargers. The new material has higher efficiency and allows for more compact construction compared with traditional chargers.

HyperJuice utilizes the industry-leading Navitas GaNFast NV6117 Power IC to miniaturize components normally found in traditional chargers. The new Gallium Nitride semiconductor material allows for power devices that can operate at higher voltages and switching frequency which results in smaller and more efficient chargers.

Both USB Type-C ports can individually provide up to 100 Watts of Power Delivery. The USB Type-A ports provide up to 18 Watts of power.

The shell of the charger is made of fire-resistant polycarbonate. Due to its high efficiency and high density nano heat sink within, the charger doesn’t get noticeably hot during operation.

The US two-pin plug is built into the charger itself. To support plugs for international use, HyperJuice includes slot-in adapters for UK three-pin, EU two-pin, and the Australian two-pin plugs.

HyperJuice can now be pre-ordered on Indiegogo.

3 thoughts on “HyperJuice 100W GaN USB-C Charger

  1. oh very nice you picked that up. Finding it useful? Do you actually have devices that need PD @ 100W? I find it a bit overkill.

    I’ve been poking around the Baseus 2C1A recently that does 65W (total) but can cut up in some fairly useful ways around the 3 ports. Perhaps you can look into if it fits your device profile.

    Have you seen recently there have been a few kickstarter campaigns all around the same theme. A bit crazy when they are more expensive than something available right now….

    1. 100W is a bit much on a single port, but if you had to charge two notebooks (like if you had to share the charger with someone else), it’s mighty useful. 🙂 The Innergie 60W charger is good too, but I really wish it had more ports.

  2. Yeh that is why I didn’t end up pursuing the Hyperjuice GaN charger – I could find a good use case for the extra capacity over that gave 65W (don’t have big need two laptops to charge off one outlet)

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