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Cooler Master Notepad X-Lite II

Are you working from home now? Is your notebook running hotter than you’d like? You may want to get a laptop cooler, like this one from Cooler Master. The Notepal X-Lite II is a silent ultra-slim cooler will take the heat away from you and your notebook.

Notebooks can run hot. The heat it dissipates can feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you’ve got to work at your notebook for an extended period of time. You can, of course, point a fan at you and/or your notebook. Getting a proper laptop cooler, however, can be better for your notebook’s health.

I have two important requirements when it comes to laptop coolers:

  • Be quiet. The fan noise, otherwise, can get rather irritating over time.
  • Ultra-slim form factor. This is so that I can still type on the notebook’s keyboard without feeling all awkward.

Since the notebook I presently use isn’t very big, and isn’t like a gaming notebook that can get extra hot, I only needed a laptop cooler that had decent airflow. You know know that a notebook that runs cool is good for its health, and particularly for the battery’s longevity.

I found what I needed in Cooler Master’s Notepal X-Lite II. This laptop cooler is ultra-slim (28.2 mm height), quiet (21 dBA), and achieves a decent airflow of 46.8 CFM with a single large 140×140 mm 700-1400 RPM variable speed fan.

There are legs at the back to prop up the notebook to a nice angle. The laptop cooler’s ultra-slim height means my hands/wrists won’t have to be uncomfortably angled.

There are two versions of the Notepal X-Lite II: with and with a built-in USB hub. I have the one with a USB hub. The two USB 2.0 ports on the side can be used to connect other peripherals.

The variable speed adjustment wheel is located on the side, next to the USB ports.

There are no LED lights on this laptop cooler. I did wish that there were, so that I can know that it is plugged in. The quietness of the fan makes it hard to tell if it is running or not. It’s a good thing, of course, that the fan is quiet.

The top surface of the laptop cooler is made of metal, although other parts are plastic. The metal surface works well for better cooling performance. Its extra smoothness, however, causes my notebook to slide off a little from time to time. (This is despite my notebook having two horizontal rubber grips to provide better traction!)

A USB to mini-USB cable is provided in the box for the laptop cooler’s power.

This Cooler Master Notepal X-Lite II was purchased from Shopee for S$29.90.

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