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Sudio T2 Review

Remember the Sudio Tolv earphones? There’s an update to it, and it’s called quite simply the Sudio T2. No more difficulty in pronouncing the name! The new T2 sports an evolved design, new colour options, and improved comfort fit.

Sudio, in case the name is new to you, is a Swedish manufacturer of earphones, headphones, speakers and a few other products. They are renowned for their minimalistic and elegant product designs.

A big improvement in the new Sudio T2 is its new active noise cancellation technology to deliver even better listening pleasure. There are also other notable improvements, such as upgraded quick charging capability and new focused beamforming microphones. The latter is going to help make you sound clearer in all the Zoom calls we’re taking in noisy environments.

Like the Sudio Tolv, or the many other earphones in Sudio’s product line, the new T2 looks good and sports a minimalistic, elegant, design. The Sudio T2 is a true wireless earphone with good-sized earpieces that fit well in the ears. They are not too tiny, so there’s little fear about them falling off easily. Each earpiece has a large touch-sensitive control on the surface.

That’s all the controls you get, but it’s enough to do just about everything you need with the Sudio T2. You’ll have to remember the various single, double, and triple taps, as well as which side to do that on. It’s not hard, and they are adequately explained in the included user guide.

There’s also an elegant charging case. The soft matt finish surface is nice to the touch, though I found them slippery enough that one-handed opening of the case is tough. The USB Type-C charging port on the back of the case. You get 35 hours of battery life with the case and up to 7.5 hours of listening time from the earpieces on one charge, or 6.5 hours when active noise cancellation is turned on. The quick charge gets you 2 hours of listening time with just a 10 minute charge.

My first impression of the Sudio T2’s sound quality was really good. It was warm, energetic, and very engaging. The great soundstage makes you feel immersed in the music. The bass is strong and resonates deeply. The mids are clear. The highs have a nice sparkle. Overall, the Sudio T2 delivers balanced, beautiful, and very enjoyable music. It won’t disappoint any casual music listeners.

Active noise cancellation on the Sudio T2 is quite subtle. I can tell that it is turned on, that the background noise has some level of attenuation, which then makes the music even clearer. But the level of noise reduction is not significant, and you shouldn’t expect to compare this with a decent active noise cancelling headphones.

Interestingly, the Sudio T2 also has a mode that amplifies the environment sound. Maybe, it is supposed to help you hear someone more clearing when they’re trying to converse with you when you have the earphones on. Unfortunately, ad-hoc switching of modes on the Sudio T2 is a bit clumsy.

The Sudio T2 is sweat and splashproof, so that means going out for a run, getting caught in a light drizzle, are not problems you need to worry about. You shouldn’t have to, anyway.

Apart from the earpiece and charging case, the Sudio T2 ships with 4 sets of silicon ear tips (one pair is already on the earpiece), a USB cable, cleaning cloth, and some documentation.

The Sudio T2 retails at S$179 from the Sudio website, and it is available in four colours: black, white, jade (as reviewed here), and sand.

If you are interested to get the Sudio T2, do take advantage of a 15% discount code ZITSENG15. The Sudio T2 comes with 3 year warranty and free shipping. After the discount, the Sudio T2 will cost you just S$152.15.

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