Domino’s Pizza Singapore is Back

141120091623I thought they’ve all but disappeared from Singapore, but they just opened an outlet not too far from where I stay, in a shophouse along Chun Tin Road. They describe themselves as “the world’s no. 1 pizza delivery company”, and “the pizza delivery experts”. They deliver in 30 minutes too! They are all about pizza delivery, not about the pizza themselves. It struck me as a little unusual that they are focusing on the delivery experience when they aren’t a courier service like DHL or Fedex.

It turns out that they’re too modest about their pizza. It’s really good and tasty, actually, and we’ve ordered it twice already in the one or two weeks since we discovered the outlet near our house. The thin crust is super thin, barely enough to hold the pizza ingredients together. So if you’re like me who don’t want to have too much of the crust, you will like this. But of course, its not just the crust that is outstanding. The pizza itself is pretty commendable. It is something I would recommend.

The garlic bread and bread sticks were very yummy too. They have free drumlets but I never got a chance to try, because my daughter got to them before I could get any. The onion rings “can pass”, nothing exceptional to talk about.

Domino’s Pizza own website isn’t quite ready yet. It’s at, but all it has is its pizza delivery number. I’m quite intrigued by their 30 minutes delivery. It’s “our delivery promise or a free regular pizza voucher”. I don’t know about the terms and conditions, or even the delivery area they serve. At any rate, 30 minutes is pretty quick, and not even Pizza Hut does it so quickly. It does take a while to assemble and bake the pizza after all, and I imagine that will take at least 10 minutes? So it is quite amazing to promise a 30 minute delivery.

Hmm, I think they did totally disappear from Singapore. The Chun Tin road outlet is probably a new franchise.

Address: 8 Chun Tin Road
Tel: 62226333

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  1. that is not domino website lah

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