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How to Get Free Pizza

I heard about it from a friend. I didn’t try it on purpose to get free pizza, but I did get into the situation when the free pizza was offered. Not once, but twice. So it’s for real. But of course it is. It wouldn’t be good for their reputation if they had been reluctant to live up to their promise. The recipe for free pizza?

First, find a pizza place that promises super quick delivery. Then, order pizza during “bad times”. Like Lunar New Year eve, or when it is raining heavily.

The pizza place? Domino’s Pizza. They promise 30 minutes from time of order to delivery to your doorstep. I think that’s quite impressive. I imagine it would already take like 3 minutes to “process the order”, 10 minutes to make the pizza, a couple more minutes to pack and ready for delivery. That seems like at least 15 minutes before the delivery gets underway.

If it rains during peak hour, it will be no surprise that they would be sufficiently stalled to not make the 30 minute time. They’ll give you a voucher for a free pizza with your next order if they are late. Simple as that. That’s on top of a free side you get for an online order. It sounds like a pretty good value pizza meal.

Ever since I first posted about the revived Domino’s Pizza franchise in Singapore, they have grown from one store to four around the island. The website is “properly up” now, with an online ordering system. The ordering system is quite good, and you also get to save your favourite orders to call up in future.

1 thought on “How to Get Free Pizza

  1. Oh! That’s part of my good & reliable dinner plan whenever there is a cartoon movie screening on Sat nite. Plse don’t let it fold down again w ur recipe for free pizzaS!!
    hahahaa.. :b
    But then, my older (& thus more discerning) son prefers the slightly more expensive & yummier (std varies across outlets tho) Saprino anyway, so no big harm done except that it is definitely NOT as reliable & quick as Domino’s.

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