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Courtesy is for YOG too

After so many years of courtesy campaign, it seems our Singapore 2010 YOG still needs to learn a thing or two. Have you seen the GIVE WAY signs on the roads and YOG buses? They scream “get out of my way”… much like the Mandatory Get Out Of My Way scheme for public buses. I know, we should all be proud to be the country selected to host the inaugural Youth Olympics Games. But can we not have some politeness? I wonder if the organizers have considered the kind of image they project?

It’s not like the YOG buses are emergency vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances or police cars. It’s just regular chartered transport to ferry people from place to place. Sure, they are guests to our country, but still, it’s not like they are VVIPs that everyone else needs to get out of their way.

I’m not saying I don’t want to give way. I probably will. I’m just asking if they could make the give way signs more friendly. See my suggestion. Just add a simple word. “Please”. It’s not going to take up any more space on the sign. If you ask nicely, perhaps more drivers will make way.

“Courtesy is for free. Courtesy is for you and me, and YOG…”

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