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Domino’s Pizza Delivery, Fast and Guarranteed

Do you sometimes want to order food in when you’re feeling too lazy to go out, but you have second thoughts thinking about how delivery could take longer than you care to wait? Well, how would you like to have pizza delivered to your door step, fast, and guaranteed?

That’s the promise of Domino’s Pizza. Their tagline, “The World’s No. 1 Pizza Delivery Company” says a lot about their commitment. You’ll get your pizza in 30 minutes, otherwise they’ll give you a voucher for a free regular pizza which you can use in your next order.

I was quite happy to receive an invitation from omy.sg to a makan session at Domino’s Pizza. I like their pizza, and I’ve been ordering delivery from time often enough since the opening of their first branch at Chun Tin Road in 2009. This is a new franchisee. (Some of you might remember Domino’s had a presence in Singapore many many years ago before they disappeared.)

I really love the 30 minutes delivery promise, but that’s not to say their food is just mediocre. The pizzas are great too. There is enough variety of toppings to fancy every taste, and there are four types of crusts to choose from: Classic Hand Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, and Cheese Burst Crust. The Cheese Burst Crust is a recent addition to their menu. It’s a unique pizza base comprising two crunchy thin crusts with a layer of cheddar cheese sauce in-between. I recommend both the Cheese Burst Crust and the Crunchy Thin Crust.

The need for speed to fix up the pizza to meet the 30 minutes delivery promise does not compromise on the standard or quality of the pizza. In fact, not only do they promise 30 minutes delivery, there is also a product satisfaction guarantee. Domino’s staff explained that each work station is monitored by CCTV, and they actually weigh the pizza as they add cheese on it. So it looks like they are pretty confident about the quality and consistency of the products they deliver.

The menu includes a reasonable variety of sides: three types of chicken, three types of bread, onion rings, a really wonderful chocolate lava cake (highly recommended, to be consumed while warm), and drinks. Everything you need for a simple party at home or in the office. Superbly convenient for a last-minute makan idea.

If you plan to order Domino’s Pizza, remember to do so online at their website www.dominos.com.sg. It’s convenient and easy to use. Online orders get a free Twisty Bread or BreadStix. You can also use the “GPS Tracker” feature on their website to track the progress of your order as it goes from preparation to baking, packing, etc until delivery. Unfortunately, despite what the feature name might suggest, you can’t actually check the whereabouts of your pizza once it leaves the store. (I think that would be really cool!)

The only catch with Domino’s Pizza? They only deliver within a 10 minute drive time from the nearest store. So if you need delivery somewhere farther out, you’re out of luck. My office, for example, is outside their delivery coverage. You can still go to the store to dine in or take-away. They’ve 12 stores in Singapore now, and they target to expand to 20 stores, which, they think, should pretty much cover everywhere in Singapore.

ps: You should try to take advantage of promotions and discount vouchers, because otherwise the a la carte pizzas are not terribly cheap.

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  1. Sometimes ago I called Domino restaurants for pizza and they note my address and they said after 30 minutes they will send a pizza. I am astonished how as soon as possible they send a pizza but they done their duty very well. I appreciate your fast delivery of pizza.

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