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What the McDonald’s Monopoly $80K Winner Wants to Do

What would you do if you had $80,000 cash? Buy yourself an expensive gift? Bring your family on a holiday? Your mind will probably be thinking right now how you would indulge yourself with that amount of money. Few people, I’d say, will think about giving away the money to benefit other people. Well, it seems that’s what the top prize winner of McDonald’s Monopoly game plans to be doing.

Mr Sankararama Subramaniam was awarded the $80,000 top prize last night at the McDonald’s Monopoly Inaugural Public “Chance Card” Draw. When asked by Daniel Ong, emcee of the grand finale held at Clarke Quay, about what he would do with the money, Mr Subramaniam answered that he planned to give the money to help the needy children in India. It was a touching moment. The answer was so unexpected, and the crowed which had gathered for the event cheered.

I was invited by Omy.sg, along with a few other bloggers, to cover the event. After the excitement of the night had settled down, I managed to catch up with Mr Subramaniam for a photo.

Mr Subramaniam is a 32-year-old permanent resident working at Singapore Changi Airport. I chatted with him for a few moments, and learnt that he is a programmer. He works on control systems such as Changi Airport’s baggage handling system. An ordinary person, but with such a generous heart. It’s quite commendable for an ordinary salaried worker to look beyond his own needs and instead think about others who are more in need!

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