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McDonald’s Monopoly Game Comes Alive

The McDonald’s Monopoly game came alive at the inaugural public “Chance Card” draw held at the Clarke Quay Central Fountain on Thursday night. It’s the grand finale event where McDonald’s will give away all unclaimed prizes in a draw to “Chance Card” winners. All prizes must go, just as McDonalds has promised, and some 270 prizes were up for grabs that night.

There were still other fun games and activities on the sidelines of the main event. Admission to the event was free and anyone could still come by for a chance to win on the humongous life-sized Monopoly game board covering what should have been the fountains at Central Fountain Square.

Admission to the event was free, and light refreshments were served. Yes, it was open to anyone, not just the “Chance Card” winners or invited guests. When I arrived at about 6:45pm, ahead of the official award presentation and live draw at 7:30pm, Central Fountain Square was already packed with a sizable crowd.

A long line of hopeful people, young and old, were queuing to throw the huge dices for a chance to walk away with some instant prizes.

Two big prizes, that were already won earlier during the game season, were presented during this event. The $80,000 cash grand prize, which goes to Mr Sankararama Subramaniam, was presented by Managing Director of McDonald’s Singapore, Ms Judy Harman and Head of Business Development of VISA Singapore, Mr David Fowler. When asked by Daniel Ong, emcee of the event, about what he would do with the money, Mr Subramaniam answered that he planned to give the money to help the needy children in India. It was a touching moment. The answer was so unexpected, and the crowed which had gathered for the event cheered loudly.

The other big prize was the holiday for 2 to Prague, won by Mr Koh Yu Gee.

The main catch for the night was the Volkswagon Touran 1.4 TSI. One of the almost 300 “Chance Card” winners would walk away with the keys to this $64,200 compact MPV (COE not included), and that lucky winner was Ms Tan Wen Xin.

The other big prize for the night was a holiday for 4 persons to Atlanta, USA, plus $3,000 cash. This prize went to Mdm Ng Siew Lian.

Other prizes drawn during this “Chance Card” draw includes:

  • 8x Apple MacBook Air 13″
  • 9x Prize bundle comprising 4x Flow Cards, 4X $50 Denizen vouchers, 1X $100 WE cinema movie card
  • 27x Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa (worth $840!)
  • 88x $200 Denizen vouchers
  • 142x $100 WE cinema movie card

The McDonald’s Monopoly game is now into its third year. The 6-week long game this year ends with a new addition to the game: a second chance for “Chance Card” winners to pick up all unclaimed prizes at this inaugural public “Chance Card” draw. These winners had already won $100 instant cash when then picked their “Chance Card”.

There was a little drama before Ms Tan Wen Xin collected her prize because another lady had mistakenly thought her number was called. Yup, she actually held the model key and had her photos taken, before the error was discovered. It must have been quite an anti-climax for her. But every “Chance Card” winner is already a winner, so, it’s still something positive coming out from this draw. I hope she wasn’t too upset.

It was a night filled with fun and excitement, not the least helped by the spirited entertainment from radio deejay Daniel Ong. Everyone was waiting in sweet anticipation for their lucky number to be called.

Before the night ended, I managed to get myself a photo with Mr Monopoly (Moneybags, or Pennybags… he seems to have many names).

ps: I’m glad to have totally missed the chaos on the North-South Line because of being at this event!

1 thought on “McDonald’s Monopoly Game Comes Alive

  1. i’m also a daniel.
    wot ever happened in australia’s promoer?
    i never was got back or heard of any listed winners for some time thru maccas game
    i remember getting the BLUE ones (indigo) but unrewarded. wot to do, leave it in mcdonalds or monopoly maccas bests of hands .

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