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Preview of Nokia E66 and E71

Here’s the newly announced Nokia E66 and E71 business smartphones seen at Cisco Live 2008. Yeah, they’re all covered with fingerprint smudges after they’ve been fondled by too many people. I’ve no idea what the technical specifications are, but I suppose you could just look them up Nokia’s website. Nokia came here to share about their mobility solutions. They’re giving away T-shirts and books on VOIP too, and a daily drawing for a Xbox 360. My N95 8GB was also on display, as were a few other N-series smartphones.

In general Nokia phones don’t seem terribly popular here in the US. Many people here seem to be carrying blackberries and iPhones, and probably a bunch of other Windows Mobile based smartphones.

Ok, today’s drawing of the Xbox is just over. No Xbox for me.

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3 thoughts on “Preview of Nokia E66 and E71

  1. The Nokia E71 has Stainless steel casing, giving solid built impression. Ihis is a greatest business phone ever, so I don’t think the lack of 3.5mm audio jack is a problem because this phone is business dedicated. I prefer the E66 cause the E71 has wierd keypad – they call it QWERTY keypad but I think it makes the phone look like a mouth full of teeth.

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