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Cisco Live at Universal Studios Florida

This year’s Cisco Live customer appreciation event was held at Universal Studios Florida and the Hard Rock Cafe. Cisco Live guests had exclusive access to Universal Studios rides and shows, and there was free flow of food and drinks at kiosks and food outlets throughout the park. There were quite a number of performances too: Blue Man Group, Bare Naked Ladies, etc. There was a whole lot of fun.

Each of us got a party hat (black cowboy hat). They were handing out ponchos too because it looked like it might rain, though thankfully it only got as far as a drizzle and only for a short while.

Some of the Cisco Live branding was embedded in the park for the night. For example, we spotted the Cisco Live logo displayed somewhere along the ride in The Revenge of the Mummy (roller coaster). It was cool.

This isn’t my first Networkers event. So I’m tempted to compare this with my experiences in Australia. The prior Networkers event I attended was at Gold Coast, and the customer appreciation event was held at Dream World.

The Orlando event had more bands playing, and the “quality” of food was better. But if you’re not so keen about the bands, then there aren’t all too many activities to do. I actually managed to complete all the attractions. I felt the only attraction worth queuing for (not that there was much to queue during this event) was the Revenge of the Mummy.

The Gold Coast event had, imho, better all-round party mood. The whole Dream World was open exclusively to the Cisco event, including almost all the rides. There was tattooing, face painting, balloon art and a variety of other party activities. I personally enjoyed the Dream World event more than Universal Studios Florida.

Overall I do think this event at Universal Studios Florida was fabulous. Next year’s Cisco Live is going to be held in San Francisco. I wonder where in San Francisco can they host the customer appreciation event.

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