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30th Anniversary of the Mac

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Mac. Whether you use a Mac or not, like the Mac or not, or like Apple at all or not, you’ve got to admit that Apple, on 24th January 1984 at Flint Center in Cupertino, changed the world of personal computing. Apple has had its ups and downs, but the Mac, without doubt, continues to make significant contributions today.

Many younger people will probably only remember the modern Macs from Apple’s revival. Steve Jobs returned in 1997, and the memorable all-in-one translucent blue iMac was launched in 1998. If not that, then at least the plastic MacBooks, or the current aluminium unibody MacBooks. Their products have become quite iconic (and so, too, for many other of Apple’s products).

A significant milestone for the Mac is its transition from PowerPC microprocessors to Intel processors in 2006. Since then, year after year, just about every Mac, be it notebook, desktop or workstation, has been very successful.

I’ve been using a Mac regularly as my “main work computer” since the times of the Powerbook G4. Since moving to the Mac full-time, using a computer has become just a whole lot simpler. You could say Mac dumb you down. But no, I think there’s a lot of smart things you can do with a Mac, and a lot of smartness it can demand from you to do those smart things. However, if you just want life to be simple and easy, the Mac lets you do that too.

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