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Anonymous Group Challenges Again

The hacktivist group Anonymous has again challenged the Singapore government, this time threatening to make public the personal data of employees linked to the government, according to a report by ZDNet. This is in response to the recent arrests of a couple of individuals that were purportedly linked to the group.

Up to now, I think nothing really impactful has materialised from their threats. A call, last month, by the group for a tweet storm to be launched against government twitter accounts did not materialise. Such a tweet storm, even if it did happen, doesn’t seem to count like much an impact against the Singapore government.

In the current threat incident, a sample list of the personal information of ten persons was shared with ZDNet. This information included the names, government email address, birth dates, nationalities, passport numbers and mobile phone numbers. However, ZDNet found issues with the currency and accuracy of the data.

It also almost seems incredulous that Anonymous would have been involved in previous incidents of such as the purported defacement of some government websites. The cross-site scripting attack on the PMO’s website, for example, could hardly even be considered at attack at all.

Hence, there is possibly some doubt as to the legitimacy of the Anonymous’ groups involvement at all.

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