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LowePro Universal Travel Adapter

LowePro Universal Travel AdapterYou’ve probably heard of LowePro. They make all kinds of bags, mainly for carrying photography gear. I was quite surprised to learn, recently, that LowePro also has a universal travel adapter. It’s probably made by someone else and branded with their name, perhaps like one of those gifts you get at events or trade shows. I got mine free with a camera purchase recently.

I typically don’t care much for universal travel adapters. You see, I often misplace them. For many years, I’ve decided it was much more economical to buy single purpose adapters specifically for the country that I’m travelling to. After all, there are only so many plug-type variations, it’s not like I’ll have to spend on dozens of them.

Furthermore, single purpose adapters are often lighter and more compact — the way I like things to be when I’m travelling.

However, since the LowePro universal travel adapter was free, why would I refuse it?

LowePro Universal Travel Adapter

This universal travel adapter has all the right plugs types, namely the UK 3-pin kind, the Europe 2-pin type, and the USA flat 2-pin type. The flat pins for the USA type can be twisted at an angle to fit Australian sockets.

On the side that you plug your other plugs into, you’l find a universal socket. Whatever current plug you have will fit into this universal travel adapter.

LowePro Universal Travel Adapter

A really nice thing about this LowePro adapter is that it’s also a USB charger! There are two USB ports, each (I assume) capable of delivering 1A at 5VDC. This would not charge super fast, but it should suffice for overnight gadget charging.

Notice that that adapter seems to be a little stained. Apparently the colour comes off the perfectly-fitted LowePro carrying case that it comes in.

LowePro Universal Travel Adapter

The discolouring, of course, is purely cosmetic. I suppose this being a gift, I can’t complain about it. I do wonder, however, how the colour from the LowePro carrying case can come off so easily.

A quick Google search finds this item selling for US$8.90 on Ebay, with free international economy shipping. Reasonably priced, in my opinion.


A similar item, under the SoundTech brand, and without a carry case, found at Popular book store in Singapore cost S$27.90.The LowePro one seems a little more compact than the similar SoundTech one, but with smaller maximum USB charging current.

Whichever one you get, I think these universal travel adapters with built-in USB chargers are convenient travel gear.

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