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2 thoughts on “Ampang Yong Tau Foo

  1. hi i ‘m steven here just went to suntec fountain food terrace n have the ytf there not so bad but i like to enquire so good about upper thomson the ytf varity is not so much as suntec n the service there is not so good but i knw a lot of people still go n eat there n the customer population i think is as many as suntec one correct feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but if there’s any new ytf you discover pls email me cause i’m a ytf lover thanks
    eating king steven

    1. I think perhaps the upper thomson one enjoys its popularity from long time customers who have fond memories of the place. I have been eaten there as long back as when they were still in a “wooden shack” beside the current row of shop houses! (Haha, I’m that old :P) But haven’t been there for ages…

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