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Cocoa Bola From Cocoa Colony

While recently out to catch a movie, my #2 spotted an interesting looking dessert shop. Although it was probably the ice cream that initially caught his attention, he was ultimately drawn to this other rainbow-rice laced ball-shaped thingy. I had no idea what it was, but if I had to guess, I thought it might be something like Rum Balls.

Cocoa Colony

I asked, and was told it was white chocolate inside. Alright, so it wasn’t quite the same as a rum ball. We could try it anyway, and so we ordered one to share.

A hammer arrived with the serving. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Obviously, it seemed like some smashing was required. But why? I still had the idea of the rum ball, which isn’t very tough dessert, so I thought maybe the hammer was just to mix and mash up the stuff.

Fortunately, another table also had trouble figuring out what to do with the hammer, and a service staff came out to give some instructions.

So it seems, you are to wrap the paper around the Cocoa Bola, and then use the hammer to smash up it up.

Cocoa Colony

I was surprised, the Cocoa Bola was quite tough to crack. It took quite some force before we could feel that the Cocoa Bola had begun to give way. Then, we got a little carried away, I suppose, and perhaps got it smashed into bits smaller than the creator of the dessert had intended it to be.

You see, I think you were supposed to have bits large enough so you could pick up the pieces with your fingers. But alas, ours had crumbled too much, and so we had to ask for some spoons. Instead of dipping the pieces in the chocolate sauce offered in a small container, we drizzled the sauce over the broken up Cocoa Bola.

Cocoa Colony

It wasn’t just white chocolate inside. The insides were really some crispy pastry crust. It was an interesting dessert. #2 declares he would eat it again. I’ll remember not to get carried away with the smashing the next time.

Cocoa Colony has seven outlets in Singapore, including at 313 Somerset, The Star Vista, Suntec City Mall, and The Cathay.

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