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Warm Yellow Tint On Nexus 5X

Every new smartphone will have some problems. The old Nexus 5 has issues with speaker volume and warm screen colours. That warm screen tones, unfortunately, are also currently an issue with at least some of the Nexus 5X phones. As I noted in my Nexus 5X preview yesterday, the display colour is too warm for my liking.

OnePlus One and Nexus 5X

How warm or yellow is the tint? The photo above should give you a good idea. The OnePlus One has a truer white compared with the overly warm Nexus 5X. They are both set on a piece of white paper for reference.

I have another photo, this time with an old Samsung Galaxy S4 for comparison.

SGS4, OnePlus One and Nexus 5X

The SGS4 had better whites too.

At this time, there is no clear link between the phones with warm yellow tint and the warehouses they ship out from. The problem is probably happening with specific manufacturing batches, or specific manufacturing facilities (if there are more than one of them).

Now, if there’s a way to do some gamma correction, without having to root or OEM unlock the Nexus 5X…

Interesting that Google is offering a free replacement, even though I imagine this colour tint could be corrected through software.

Are you experiencing any issues with the Nexus 5X?

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