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MTBF Has Been Sufficiently Reduced

New Minister of Transport, Mr Khaw Boon Wan has a sticky problem on his hands. He might have been able to get by in Health and then in National Development with competent people there, but perhaps the situation in Transport might be different. First, I hope he has corrected Desmond Kuek’s misaligned goal.

SMRT Train

If you recall, back in July this year, Mr Kuek wanted to shorten mean time between failure. Basically, trains are not breaking down often enough for Mr Kuek. This week has been fascinating, including one system-wide breakdown. It’s only Wednesday today, and since Monday, this is what we’ve had:

  • Monday 26 Oct: Breakdown on the entire North East Line in the morning.
  • Monday 26 Oct: Breakdown on East West Line between Tanah Merah and Changi Airport, also in the morning.
  • Tuesday 27 Oct: Breakdown on the North South Line between Marina Bay and Ang Mo Kio in the evening.
  • Wednesday 28 Oct: Breakdown on the East West Line between Pasir Ris and Tampines in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday 28 Oct: Breakdown on North South Line between Marina South Pier and Ang Mo Kio in the evening.

Five breakdowns on three days. Well done. Come, I clap for you. I’m thinking of the Kim Jong Un clapping meme here.

It’s coming to the 5th anniversary of the massive breakdowns in 2011. If Mr Lui didn’t have enough time in his term to show results, I think time may instead tell us that there are in fact no results to speak of.

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