Apple’s First Revenue Decline Since 2001

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Whatever goes up, must eventually come down. At least for most things anyway. Apple’s phenomenal growth in the last decade or so is finally hitting a road bump. Just released financial results for its final fiscal quarter of 2016 (3rd calendar quarter) reveal that revenue and profits have declined compared to the same quarter from 2015. For the quarter, Apple posted a…

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Singapore’s Big Brother In The Making


When I first heard about Singapore Technologies Electronics new facial recognition system that can be used at MRT fare gates to identify commuters and charge them in a post-paid manner thereafter, my first thought was that, oh wow, what a complicated solution to a simple problem. Someone must have a hidden agenda. There are far simpler ways to collect fares. This…

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Say Hello Again to New Macs


In case you haven’t heard, Apple will have a media event next week, 27th October, where they are expected to announce new Macs. With so much attention on iPhones, iPads, and Watches of late, Macs have become severely neglected. Apple fans are eagerly anticipating new Mac products, and in particular, the next generation MacBook Pro. The last major revision to…

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New DIY pfSense Router Box

M350 Chassis with N2930 Motherboard

Instead of using a regular wireless broadband router at home, I’ve been using a DIY pfSense box for a number of years. pfSense has provided excellent performance and reliability. The DIY box had a sort of hardware refresh a short while ago. Just for interest, here is the “BOM” — Bill of Materials — for this box. Atom processors were the…

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The Pixel Reviews Are In

Pixel Phones from Google Store

The full reviews of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are now in. These are Google’s first ever all-made-by-themselves smartphones. The initial reactions from the 4th October announcements were mostly positive, but perhaps a little restrained. People who had hands-on time with the new smartphones, well, didn’t have that much time. Now, we’re reading more extreme reactions to the new Pixels….

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


I’ve heard about Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), and had even considered installing them. But they’re relatively expensive, and mostly just a nice-to-have accessory, not one that is very important. However, when my recent car wasn’t supplied with a spare tyre, I was sold onto the idea that the TPMS can provide important early warning of air leaks. The main…

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D-Link DAP-1860 Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

D-Link DAP-1860

It’s often joked about how Wi-Fi is now, in this millennium, a new layer at the bottom of the updated Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you have a Wi-Fi dead spot in your home, it probably frustrates the life out of you, and everyone else at home. Enter Wi-Fi range extenders, like this D-Link DAP-1860, to the rescue. D-Link’s recently launched…

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Parallel Importer Buying Experience

Shin Automobile

One lazy Sunday afternoon, we had an appointment to view a car at Automobile Megamart. It’s our first time going into this eight storey building in Ubi packed with all things about cars. Driving up the ramp to the 5th storey, carefully navigating through narrow driveway, we arrived at Shin Automobile, where we were going to check out a Toyota Sienta….

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Why Does The Samsung Galaxy Note7 Blow Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has thrown in the towel. As you may have heard by now, Samsung has stopped production, sales, and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7, permanently. They are now organising a global recall. Samsung had said previously that they were investigating the continuing fire incidents plaguing the replaced devices, but we’ve not yet heard of any findings. Now, it may be…

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The Galaxy Note7 Is No More

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It’s official. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is no more, at least for now. We heard yesterday that Samsung has halted production of the Galaxy Note7, following continued reports of fire erupting even on replacement devices. Today, Samsung has announced a stop of Galaxy Note7 sales and replacements, and that users should power down and stop using the device. That sounds pretty much like the end…

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