Chromebooks Beat Mac Sales In 2016Q1

Acer Chromebook 13

I keep hearing from time to time about how well Chromebooks are selling. Their sales in the United States have become so good that, according to IDC, they have apparently outpaced Mac sales in the first quarter of 2016. Dell, HP, and Lenovo together sold nearly 2 million Chromebooks, while Apple shipped 1.76 million Macs, in the last quarter. The huge Chromebook adoption…

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LTA Needs To Up Their Online Smartness

Pothole on Bukit Timah Road

Often times, I feel all our e-government, smart nation, and whatever other initiatives to take us to the next level of a futuristic city, is all just superficial. I’ve complained previously about how some government online services have “working hours”. (How absurd right?) I could give other examples, but today, my gripe is with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). I…

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First Look At B&O Play A1

B&O Play A1

B&O Play, the standalone unit within Bang and Olufsen started in 2012 to reach out to a new generation of consumers, has a cool new Bluetooth speaker, the A1. This is a smallish, portable, good-looking Bluetooth speaker that puts out awesome quality music in all directions, and is powered by batteries that last all day. The A1 is B&O Play’s smallest Bluetooth…

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First Look At Leagoo Shark 1

Leagoo Shark 1

Leagoo’s newest Shark 1 Android smartphone is taking on the giants of smartphones. It’s big, with a huge 6-inch IPS display, and even bigger, with a really humongous 6300 mAh battery. Yet, the Shark 1’s body is just 8.5 mm thin, and still packs all the impressive specifications you’d expect from a premium smartphone, including fingerprint sensor and more. The Shark 1…

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Visitor Analytics At ZitSeng.Com

LZS Working On Retina MacBook Pro

Not too long ago, while checking out Google Analytics for my blog website, confirming NetMarketShare’s declaration that Chrome is the most popular web browser on the Internet, I noticed a few other interesting analytics details. For example, I’ve got quite a number of iPhone and iPad visitors reading my blog, which is unusual since I neither own nor write much about these…

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ASUS Launches Gaming Desktop with Dual Titan X


If you’re a serious hard-core gamer, you’re going to love ASUS’ new ROG GT51. This gaming desktop is liquid-cooled, and the first to feature the latest 2-way SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card and the latest generation of Intel Core i7 processor with full-core Turbo Gear. ASUS’ ROG gaming desktops are recognised for their top-notch performance, custom designed cooling,…

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New Yokohama 205/65R15 Tyres


The tyre on my car was getting quite bald, so it was time to change them. It was a little overdue too. I went to the same tyre shop that I had gone to the last time, and changed a set of 4 Yokohama 205/65R15 94H tyres. The price seems reasonable, at S$120 each. I had in the past patronised Autobacs, but…

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Running VMware ESXi Inside Mac OS X


Hardware virtualisation solutions are really convenient. They allow you to try all sorts of operating systems and software on your existing computers, without having to buy additional hardware. But here’s something interesting. Can you run one virtualisation software inside another virtualisation software? Yes, you can do that too. A feature called Nested Virtualisation allows you to run one virtualisation software within another…

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The NTA Has Competition

Traffic at Upper Bukit Timah Road

Two weeks ago, I joked about how the likes of Grab and Uber should band together to form a national association for private hire drivers, the equivalent of the National Taxi Association (NTA) for taxi drivers (NTA Just Cares For Themselves). It turns out such an association has indeed been formed. I suppose it was a matter of time that it…

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Pebble Time Round Review

Pebble Time Round

Pebble has managed to stick around, even after the arrival of numerous Android smartwatches and, of course, Apple’s Watch. Their first product, now called the Pebble Classic, raised a record amount of funding on Kickstarter. Their second product, the Pebble Time, also set a new record. Now, Pebble is back with the Pebble Time Round. While their first two products were…

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