Teach Pedestrians How To Walk


After complaining about cyclists, the next is about pedestrians. Actually, by and large they are quite okay. Pedestrians are slow moving. Apart from the occasional inconsiderate people who walk in a sufficiently large group to obstruct an entire footpath, it’s not as if we really need to come up with rules or guidelines about how pedestrians should use their footpaths….

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Earth Hour 2010


Earth Hour is coming up again. It will be from 8:30pm to 9:30pm this Saturday, 27th March 2010. Everyone’s encouraged to participate and show their support by switching off their lights during this hour. Earth Hour is a call for everyone to be responsible for our future. Okay, now the serious part of showing my support for Earth Hour is…

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Browser Wars


The browser wars are heating up. As some of you might know, the European Commission has mandated that PC users are given a choice over which web browser gets installed in their computers. Statistics from a trial currently underway has shown that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost between 1% to 2.5% share in various European countries. Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s…

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Sidelines of the IT Show

For many years now, I’ve never been very keen to go to any of the computer shows, not unless there was something specific I wanted to get or to check out. There are probably some marginally better discounts that can be gotten at the show, but those discounts tend to also be available outside the show during that show period….

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Visiting the Bird Park

I recently visited the Jurong Bird Park. Yah, such an unlikely place for anyone to visit. Isn’t there like the new IR at Sentosa to visit eh? Well, it’s an excursion organized by Vanessa’s child care centre. It’s for the kids. That’s why I was there, and that’s probably going to be the only reason for a long time that…

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Building Silos

Sometimes, I think about how silos are formed in organizations. You know, the sort of situation where fellow colleagues are divided into organization groups that are oblivious to the existence of the others. Or, they compete with great hostility. They might as well have belonged to some other company altogether. It’s related to politicking, but it isn’t quite the same…

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Alongside Cyclists


I used to cycle around a lot, on the roads. That was over 10 years ago. I think I was a well-behaved cyclist, keeping to the side of the road, not getting in the way of motorized vehicles. Back then, the danger was with drivers not looking out for cyclists on the roads, not having awareness of their presence, not…

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Nexus One Adventures


My Nexus One was rooted the same day I got it. In fact, it was rooted even before I got around to doing much with the phone. It’s something I consider a necessary consequence of owning a phone like the Nexus One. It’s a phone that has become a computer. Like a computer, I want to be able to look…

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Baby Pull-Ups

See what I mean about Vanessa being a gym kind of person? I went to the “fitness corner” (it really is in a corner…) with Vanessa. There was a proper pull-up bar for me, and while I was doing my own pull-ups, Vanessa copied. No need for coaxing or any prompting. She just pulled up on some other bar that…

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Dance Class No More

Vanessa had her last dance class today. At least for now. We’re not continuing her class because she doesn’t seem very keen about it. In fact, most of the time, she simply doesn’t follow the class at all, except for the one or two activities which involve something that she likes. Running, and jumping, for example. Stomping her feet with…

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