OnePlus One Review

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is an Android smartphone that is really unique in many ways. It has impressive top-notch specifications, carry a rather budget-friendly price tag, and comes from a relatively unknown company that did not exist one year ago. You can’t just buy the phone even if you want one, you need to get invited. Is the One the one for you? In…

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Yosemite-iOS Integration Leaves Android Behind


One of the big thing with the new OS X Yosemite is how much it has cozied up with iOS. The new Continuity feature promises to integrate phone calls, SMS, application handoff, instant hotspot and file exchange into a central part of OS X. That is, of course, only if your mobile is an iOS device. Where does that leave OS…

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OPPO Neo 5 Review


OPPO launched their Neo 5 entry-level 4G smartphone in Singapore in August this year. With many smartphones headed toward the 5″ and above display-size territory this year, the Neo 5’s 4.5″ display will be a welcome relief for people who are finding those other smartphones too large for their comfort. Will the OPPO Neo 5 work for you? Let’s find out. The OPPO Neo…

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Are Cheap Nexus Devices Over?


Google Nexus smartphones have in recently years been synonymous with flagship specifications at budget prices. The last Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 5, starts at US$349 off-contract. Before that, the Nexus 4 launched at US$299. It’s about the same with Nexus tablets. The Nexus 7 (2013) started at US$229, while the one before it was US$199. This has changed. The Nexus 6, just…

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Nexus 6 Preview


Google has quietly announced their next flagship Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 6, via a Motorola blog post. It’s quite an unceremonious affair, unlike how Apple or Samsung conduct their flagship product launches. While most people are probably swooning over the new flagship, and news sites are pouring with excitement as they write about the new Nexus, I beg to offer a…

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ASUS Unveils Transformer Book T300 Chi


ASUS today unveiled Transformer Book T300 Chi, the world’s thinnest 12.5″ detachable 2-in-1 fan-less tablet cum notebook measuring just 7.3mm thick. With an attached keyboard, the T300 Chi measures 14.3mm thick, which is still thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air at 17mm. This is nothing short of awesome for anyone looking for the ultimate in ultra-portability. The T300 Chi will sport Intel’s latest…

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Fiio X1 Music Player Review


Fiio just launched in October the X1 portable high-resolution lossless music player. This is the latest addition to their line of digital audio players, after the mid-range X3 and flagship X5 models. The X1 offers uncompromising audio quality with really impressive specifications. It’s price, however, is the icing on top of the cake. The X1 isn’t perfect, but you could not ask more from a US$99…

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X-mini KAI2 Review


Singapore company Xmi Pte Ltd launched their X-mini KAI2 capsule speaker in June 2014. It joins the company’s extensive line of portable self-powered mini speakers that boast awesome sound quality in a tiny form factor. I recently reviewed the X-mini WE and was pleasantly surprised by its audio capabilities, so I approached the KAI2 with much expectations. The KAI2 is a 2nd…

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Quick Look at OPPO Neo 5


This is the OPPO Neo 5, a budget friendly 4G Android smartphone. It’s a smallish smartphone, which is a welcome relief for those who are finding other smartphones too large for their comfort. The hardware specifications are mid-range, but it should be quite sufficient for people who just need basic functions on their smartphones. OPPO is reputed for building pretty good quality phones, and the…

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The One Phone


With some smartphones, you’ve got to wait in line, a very long one, to lay your hands on them. With others, you need to make a mad rush for an online order or preorder system. Which smartphone, can you make a guess, requires you to get invited to buy the gadget? How absurd can that be? You can’t just buy the phone….

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