CPF: Not Just Your Money


According to Nominated MP Chia Yong Yong, because the individual isn’t the only person contributing to their CPF accounts, but some monies are contributed from employers and the occasional top-ups from public funds, we don’t get to decide how we spend it. Perhaps we should now reconsider if the interests earned in our CPF accounts actually belong to us. I’m sometimes…

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Scanadu Scout Medical Scanner

Scanadu Scout

In mid 2013, I got to know about this amazing, futuristic, gadget. It’s a medical scanner that scans your vital signs, including pulse rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, then wirelessly transmits them to a smartphone. It almost sounds unreal, futuristic, like the medical tricorder gadget from Star Trek. It’s called the Scanadu Scout. To be honest, I was skeptical….

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Sony Alpha A6000


Over a decade ago, I downgraded my camera. I had begun to use point-and-shoots and mobile phone cameras. I figured the best camera is the one that is with me when I need it. A few years ago, I upgraded to the Sony RX100. This year, I’ve come one full circle, and now use a biggish camera again, the Sony A6000….

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The Mac Facilitates Spying Too

Retina MacBook Pro

I’ve been sitting on this information for some time, waiting to get more research done before I publish a post. But since word has come out about how Lenovo preloads what amounts to very bad spyware on their PCs, I thought I should also just go right ahead to spill the beans on the Mac. Yes, that’s right. Superfish is…

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Parliament, The Latest TV Drama

Singapore Skyline

Watching parliament sitting on TV has become like watching a long-running drama series. Politicians are the actors. The twists and turns in the storyline are melodramatic. There are so many holes in the plots that, you tell yourself, to enjoy the show, just stand back a little and don’t try to dissect the story too much. The problem is, this is not…

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Setting Up New Desktop

Setting up new Dell PC

We got a new Dell desktop computer at home. The Wife had gotten it because the old Acer desktop it was replacing has started showing signs of trouble. The task of setting up the new Dell fell upon me, since I was the “IT person” around the house. This is a Windows computer that is being replaced. It’s a task that’s going to take…

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Logitech K830 Keyboard for the Living Room

Logitech K830

There is no shortage in the types and designs of keyboards. Keyboards that are designed to be used in the living room, particularly those that you won’t feel embarrassed about taking centre stage with your movie night guests around, now those might not be so plentiful. The Logitech K830 is one of those keyboards that fill this need for a…

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P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver for Retina MacBook Pro


Disassembling a Retina MacBook Pro is easy, just as long as you have the right tools. Apple’s hardware haven’t always been the easiest to open up, and in recent years, they’ve also taken to use somewhat non-standard screws. So what if you need or want to open the bottom cover of your Retina MacBook Pro? We’ll, there’s a screwdriver for that,…

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ASUS PadFone S Station

ASUS PadFone Station

I recently reviewed the ASUS PadFone S. It’s a pretty good smartphone on its own, sporting premium specifications at very reasonable price. The highlight of the PadFone S, of course, is its ability to dock into the PadFone S Station, turning the duo into a full-fledged tablet device. We’ll look at this ASUS PadFone S Station in this review. To…

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Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam at United Square

A few nights ago, I had a dined at a Bangkok Jam outlet for the first time. They have a couple of outlets around Singapore, and I regularly walk pass the one at United Square, often attracted to the desserts on the menu. The children, on the other hand, were more attracted to their kids area within the restaurant. They…

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