IU With Unhelpful Error Message


So because someone couldn’t think to produce more sensible error codes, I wasted one hour of my time to sort out this problem, plus maybe half a day worrying about a possible In-vehicle Unit (IU) fault. I don’t know how many other people met with the same problem as me. Think of all the accumulated time wasted, simply because someone couldn’t…

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Tapping Into ECU With OBD Dongle

_DSC2206 - Version 2

If you own or drive a car, you probably know that modern vehicles are mostly controlled by computers in one way or other. One of the most basic computer is the Engine Control Unit, or ECU, which manages the performance of the engine. Now, if there’s a computer in there, why isn’t there some sort of computer interface on the…

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What’s Wrong With Taxis in Singapore?


I was flipping through our Land Transport Authority’s Land Transport Master Plan recently. A couple of statistics caught my attention. One of it is about taxis. According to the LTA, there are 5,129 taxis per million persons in Singapore. There are 2,642 taxis per million persons in Hong Kong. I’m extremely puzzled. In Hong Kong, if you accidentally wave your…

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Not $78K, But Now $82K For Right to Own Car


It was $78K last month, and I thought it was already a ridiculous price to pay for that certificate of entitlement to own a car. The first bidding exercise this month saw a modest increase to $79K. But last evening, the results of the 2nd bidding exercise of March continues to see a significant increase in the Cat B COE…

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$78K for the Right to Own a Car


It now costs some $78,100 for that piece of paper that says you can buy a car like this. That’s the price of a Cat ‘B’ COE from yesterday’s tender exercise. The last time that COE hit this level was in 1994, when it was still under a 7-category scheme. At that time, the equivalent of today’s Cat ‘B’ is…

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Scrap Car Value in Singapore


I’m quite flattered that Google search for “scrap car value in Singapore” currently leads right to my site. It’s the first hit in the search results. The hit, however, leads to outdated information that I wrote probably in around 2002. Since many netizens are obviously going to want to know updated information, I’ve decided to provide a public service by…

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Courtesy is for YOG too


After so many years of courtesy campaign, it seems our Singapore 2010 YOG still needs to learn a thing or two. Have you seen the GIVE WAY signs on the roads and YOG buses? They scream “get out of my way”… much like the Mandatory Get Out Of My Way scheme for public buses. I know, we should all be…

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Privileged Parking

2010-04-10 14.14.59

Here’s privileged parking for green motorists at this shopping centre on Orchard Road. If you have a hybrid, CNG, or electric  car, you get to use one of the two green lots next to the lift lobby. It’s even more privileged than the single lot reserved for families with baby strollers. Yeap, the family lot is actually further away. Incentive…

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Teach Pedestrians How To Walk


After complaining about cyclists, the next is about pedestrians. Actually, by and large they are quite okay. Pedestrians are slow moving. Apart from the occasional inconsiderate people who walk in a sufficiently large group to obstruct an entire footpath, it’s not as if we really need to come up with rules or guidelines about how pedestrians should use their footpaths….

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Alongside Cyclists


I used to cycle around a lot, on the roads. That was over 10 years ago. I think I was a well-behaved cyclist, keeping to the side of the road, not getting in the way of motorized vehicles. Back then, the danger was with drivers not looking out for cyclists on the roads, not having awareness of their presence, not…

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